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Introducing the new bloke on the block: Genius ERP

Available for the first time in the UK, but trusted by hundreds of manufacturers across North America, we’re the complete engineering-to-cash ERP system built exclusively for custom manufacturers.
Genius ERP is straightforward and easy-to-use, and it helps you do everything you need to do: scheduling, accounting, job costing, estimating, production planning, managing BOMs, and much, much more. 

Every feature and function was created to help manufacturers do what they do best: make more stuff and get it to their customers quicker. 

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Better Inventory Control

Avoid production interruptions by eliminating surprise material shortages.

Work/Life Balance - Perks and Benefits | Genius ERP

Speed Up Production

Create precise shop floor schedules in real-time,
according to true constraints.

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Optimize Engineering

Save on engineering time, reduce errors,
and align projects with CAD2BOM.

“They really were experts. Not only in the software,
but they also spoke the language of manufacturing.”

Jennifer Hinds of Hinds-Bock Corporation

Custom food-equipment manufacturer

Hundreds of manufacturers across North America trust us with their business.

We're on Software Advice's list of Most Recommended ERPs and Capterra says we are a Top 20 ERP.
We're on those lists because we deliver every day for manufacturers just like you.

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For custom manufacturing, Genius ERP is the complete solution,
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