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Eliminate the cost and time spent on product reworks by delivering a high-quality product right from the start.

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Genius Quality Control

The truth is that re-works cost you money. Maintain quality and track the entire product lifecycle of your goods to ensure you deliver a quality product the first time to save both cash and time — and to provide the best quality product to your customers. Genius ERP’s quality management and control system makes tracking quality straightforward: By keeping a record of all your tasks, you can anticipate potential issues and resolve them proactively before they escalate into significant problems that may hamper your production.

Quality First Approach

Set high-quality standards

Install the quality awareness measures needed to ensure you always meet the highest standards for your customers. Produce high-quality goods from the outset to save time and money and ensure customers are always satisfied with your products. Use our quality management features to consistently deliver exceptional products, enhancing your business reputation and customer loyalty.

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Effortless Resolutions

Easily resolve issues

Genius ERP’s quality control and management system lets you easily track jobs to identify and fix potential issues before they become major problems. Generate non-conformance reports (NCRs) and quickly relate them to the proper source (vendor, manufacturing, customer complaint, etc.). Employees are enabled to easily handle NCR input and corrective actions, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

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Drive Improvement

Build a history to improve standards

Build job histories to track quality issues and get the data you need to move forward and create the best quality products the first time around. Tracking jobs and building records guides staff and vendors on how to deliver and complete products on time and at higher quality standards. Incorporating job histories into your quality management system also provides valuable insights for process improvement and facilitates more informed decision-making in the future.

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Key Features and Functionalities

Meet high-quality standards that ensure customer satisfaction with Genius ERP’s quality awareness measures. Implement and use our quality management features to easily track jobs and resolve potential issues through non-conformance reports. Build job histories to guide staff towards delivering products at higher quality standards and provide insights for process improvement in the future.

  • Easily create, manage, and track non-compliance throughout the entire production process
  • Open NCRs straight from data collection or shipping and receiving windows
  • Create jobs and easily track root cost
  • NCR-Based Supplier Tracking
  • ISO Corrective Actions Tracking
  • Cost analysis
  • Non-Conformity Costing
  • Non-Conformance Reporting with Inspection, Person-In-Charge, and Workflow Steps

Built for the people who use it

Whether you are an engineer, production manager, accountant or CEO, Genius ERP has the solutions you need to get the job done right.

Quality Control Managers

Be proactive, not reactive, with Genius ERP.

Delivering high-quality goods is the most important job in your shop. Not only do you need to create high-quality products the first time around to save time and money, but you must deliver the best product you can to your customers to keep them coming back time and time again. 

Ensuring a high degree of quality in a custom manufacturing shop isn’t always easy, but Genius ERP’s quality control and management system lets you easily track jobs to identify potential issues and fix them before they become major problems. When a problem happens, we make it easy to know precisely where it occurred, what happened and how to resolve it quickly. Building job histories will also let you track any quality issues that you have and give you the data you need to move forward and create the best quality products the first time around.  

Businessman in factory. Engineer in production
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We’re honored to help hard-working manufacturers grow

Whether you’re looking for your first ERP, or you need a replacement solution, manufacturers just like you have realized the benefits of implementing Genius ERP.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance?

Quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) are two distinct aspects of quality management, each playing a crucial role in ensuring product or service quality, but with different focuses and methods:

Quality Control (QC)

  • QC is the process of inspecting products or services to identify defects or deviations from predefined standards.
  • It involves activities such as testing, measuring, and examining products during or after production to ensure they meet quality requirements.
  • QC typically operates at the operational level, emphasizing the identification and correction of issues to prevent defective products from reaching customers.
  • Its primary goal is to detect and address deviations from quality standards through corrective actions.

Quality Assurance (QA)

  • QA is a broader process aimed at ensuring that quality requirements are met throughout the entire production process.
  • It encompasses systematic activities such as process design, implementation, and monitoring to ensure that quality standards are consistently met.
  • QA focuses on preventing defects rather than detecting and correcting them after production.
  • It involves establishing quality standards, implementing quality management systems, conducting audits, and providing training to ensure compliance with quality processes and standards.’
  • QA is more proactive and strategic, aiming to build quality into the processes themselves to ensure consistent and reliable outcomes.

In summary, while QC focuses on identifying and correcting defects in products or services, QA focuses on preventing defects by establishing and maintaining quality processes and standards throughout the organization.


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