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Genius ERP handles the complexities of trailer, tanker and specialty transport equipment manufacturing

Improve your ability to connect with dealers, and take design through to speedy delivery

Whether managing new builds, repairs or selling parts, transportation equipment manufacturers can improve operational processes and manage dealer accounts and relations with Genius ERP. Become a reliable supplier, increase work orders, and bring low production run margins in line with that of high production run margins.

Reputation that rides on quality

From estimation-to-delivery, benefit from Genius ERP features designed for high-variable, low-volume production runs, including real-time inventory and production planning. Monitor employee and vendor quality standards to improve them over time.

Adjustments on the fly

Easily modify base price and BOM depending on selected, preset options. Compare, merge and progressively release BOMs for cost-effective planning and no slow-downs.

Detail and documentation

Create as-built document packages and one-source operations data for compliance, tracking, and customer satisfaction.

Genius ERP allows transportation equipment manufacturers to meet these goals and more:
  • Provide option selections to dealers and upsell/cross-sell features with accurate pricing
  • Synchronize design with factory production through CAD2BOM and other features
  • Track serialized parts by lot and date codes through the entire value stream.
  • Quickly create repair jobs and schedule service calls
  • Install demand-based procurement for lean manufacturing

Hinds-Bock Corporation

Food & Bakery / Bothell, WA

After two unsuccessful experiences with other ERPs, Hinds-Bock now uses Genius ERP to manage the company’s complex engineer-to-order business platform.

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ERP + People

Anthony Isabella - Genius Solutions Consultant

Manufacturing is in our DNA, and we employ knowledgeable experts who understand your systems, business and people. Our engineers, accountants and project managers are here to help you grow.

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