Whether you build trailers, boats, industrial vehicles or aircraft—if it rolls, floats, flies, hauls or anything in between—Genius ERP will streamline your operations.

Deliver more stock on time and within budget using our ERP solution that helps you work faster and smarter. Enhance operational efficiency, automate repetitive tasks and boost productivity with specialized features built just for you.

Improve dealer relationships, become a reliable supplier and easily customize builds based on customer specifications. With complete visibility and oversight over your operation, you will be more organized, more systematic and stay ahead of your competition.


The solutions you need

Faster builds

Quickly configure a custom build from start to finish by selecting and combining pre-existing elements. With one click, create a fully itemized Bill of Materials.

A reputation that rides on quality

Consistently deliver high-quality vehicles by monitoring production, along with employee and vendor quality, to ensure you always meet the highest standards for your customers.


Easily modify pricing and BOMs based on selected, preset options. Compare, merge and progressively release BOMs for cost-effective planning without any slow-downs.

motrec mc 480 flatbed trucks
motrec closeup shot of warehouse transport vehicles
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Genius ERP streamlined Motrec’s business processes and helped them save $400,000. Learn how Genius can do the same for you.

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Transportation manufacturers have been trusting Genius ERP for over 30 years to make them more efficient, profitable, and productive. Whether building trailers, work trucks, boats, industrial vehicles, or aircraft — if it rolls, floats, flies, hauls, or anything in between — our solution helps these complex and custom manufacturers deliver.

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motrec fleet of warehouse vehicles
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We’re honored to help hard-working manufacturers grow

Whether you’re looking for your first ERP, or you need a replacement solution, manufacturers just like you have realized the benefits of implementing Genius ERP.

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