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Genius ERP has exactly what small and mid-sized manufacturers need to get the job done right. Designed by industry experts and built exclusively for custom manufacturers, Genius ERP includes all the functions and features you need to get the most out of your shop.
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From engineering-to-cash, we have all the ERP features you need to get more jobs out the door on time.

It’s one thing to handle the demands of repeat manufacturing, but it’s another thing completely to handle the demands of high-variable, multi-stage production. Whatever your plant’s mix of project types — engineer-to-order, make-to-order, configure-to-order, and mixed mode or repeat — Genius ERP comes ready out-of-the-box with all the ERP systems functionalities you need to move your production to the next level, in terms of throughput, efficiency, and profitability.

The Genius ERP Difference-Maker

We Aim for Growth - Genius Manufacturing ERP Features


Streamline production and increase productivity without hiring new human resources or expanding operations. Manufacturers can handle more jobs, take on new customers — and grow their business with Genius ERP.

We Improve Throughout - Genius Manufacturing ERP Features


Schedule jobs with precision, reduce bottlenecks, lower rejection rates, and eliminate equipment downtime with Genius ERP, the enterprise resource planning ERP built for optimizing production, from engineering-to-cash.

We Ensure Profitability - Genius Manufacturing ERP Features


Ensure profitability and gain actionable business insights with the system that connects your organization from top floor to shop floor. Know the true costs, benefits, and logistics of every sales orders with Genius ERP.

Key Features

CAD2BOM - Genius Manufacturing ERP Features


An accurate bill of material ensures that your product is built right. Save on engineering time, streamline production, and guarantee projects are headache- and error-free with software that automatically converts CAD models into BOMs. Trust that you will always have an accurate and up-to-date bill of material ready for procurement, planning, pricing, and production.

Shop Floor Scheduling - Genius Manufacturing ERP Features

Shop floor scheduling

As complexity in manufacturing increases, so too does the chance for persistent bottlenecks. Don’t let one point in your production line constantly slow you down. Genius ERP is designed to prevent work-in-progress accumulations by optimizing scheduling in real-time, and according to actual shop-floor capacity and constraints.

User Portals - Genius Manufacturing ERP Features

Connect and integrate your business

Say no more to patched systems, piles of spreadsheets, miscommunications, and missed opportunities: keep all your job, payment, and sales information in one place, for both your team and your customers. Genius ERP connects every part of your business, from engineering-to-cash, and lets you easily share information across your company.

Genius ERP has the features you need to get the job done right.

Product Engineering - Manufacturing ERP Features

Product Engineering

Take CAD designs, transform them into BOMs and RFQs to save engineering time, and reduce data entry and production errors.

Inventory Control - Manufacturing ERP Features

Inventory Control

Avoid material and long-lead item shortages while optimizing purchasing for a rolling stock of goods when you need them.

Project Management - Manufacturing ERP Features

Project Management

Save time and reliably meet delivery targets with intuitive purchasing, including for long-lead items ahead of a fully itemized BOM.

Customer Management - Manufacturing ERP Features


Determine prices based on true material, labor, and other costs. Start with accurate quotes and end with on-time delivery.

Quality Management - Manufacturing ERP Features

Quality Control

Generate NCRs, monitor corrective practices, and steadily increase standards. Hold vendors to quality standards, track warranties.

Employee Management - Manufacturing ERP Features


Identify true costs by managing payroll by production order, while employees invoice and manage costs on one platform.

Production Planning - Manufacturing ERP Features

Production Planning

Maximize throughput based on real-time oversight of production floor, actual capacity, and impact on resources.

Vendors Management - Manufacturing ERP Features

Vendor Management

Make price inquiries for multiple items to multiple suppliers. Reorder items based on minimum stock or combine orders to save time and money.

Accounting - Manufacturing ERP Features


Easily track job costs and simplify accounting with one financial management system that connects finance and accounting with your entire operation.

Sales CRM - Manufacturing ERP Features

Sales CRM

Track opportunities, and monitor your sales pipeline in real-time using our customer relationship management that is seamlessly integrated with Genius ERP.

Rest API - Manufacturing ERP Features

Rest API

Connect 3rd-party applications, websites, and custom software to share real-time information across platforms, and with dealers and customers.

Business Intelligence and Analytics - Manufacturing ERP Features

BI & Reports

Monitor and measure operations using real-time dashboards. Track progress, efficiency, and employee performance with business intelligence.

The best manufacturing ERP is the one that's designed to fit.

Discover manufacturing management software built for your specific processes.

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Work with manufacturing experts, mechanical engineers, and accountants — not IT guys.

When you choose an ERP solutions, you also choose the team that will get you up and running. Specialized along industry verticals, Genius ERP consultants speak the language of manufacturing. Our team of consultants, solution architects, accountants, project managers, training specialists, and technical analysts come from backgrounds in industrial, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

We work hand-in-hand with our customers to help them get Genius ERP up and running at a pace that makes sense for a busy shop. Our deep-rooted industry knowledge and hard-earned track record help us to maintain industry-leading implementation success rates. And after implementation is complete, we will stick around to offer you support and be your long-term partner, with you every step of the way, to help you grow your business.

Gain valuable insights. Grow your business.

Genius ERP lets you harness your corporate data, and pull out valuable insights and dynamic reports to better understand your business, achieve your goals, and ultimately grow your business.

Genius ERP lets you monitor and measure operations using real-time dashboards, as well as track progress, efficiency, and employee performance. Improve profit margins by creating reliable reports that focus on both external profit building and internal cost reductions. Analyze information across multiple sources to set performance goals and create sophisticated profitability and financial models.

Develop budgets that incorporate production, operations, sales, fulfillment, as well as up-to-date financial figures for optimal forecasting and planning. Use historical data for more accurate estimates and to optimize production runs.

Shift through data from across the supply chain — from orders and materials, to production and shipping — and make sense of it all with Genius ERP.

Manufacturers across North America trust Genius ERP to help them grow their businesses.

Marathon ERP Software Case Study

Asphalt Repair Equipment / Burlington, ON

With too many manual processes, Marathon needed an ERP that could update and automate their operation.

QTG ERP Software Case Study

Tubular Solutions / Bromont, QC

Rapid growth and changing company structures meant QTG needed an ERP system that could connect all of their internal divisions.

Motrec ERP Software Case Study

Transportation / Sherbrooke, QC

Motrec needed an ERP solution that could not only streamline their business processes but could be the foundation for their ambitious growth

From top-floor to shop-floor.

Take a virtual tour of an SME to learn how Genius ERP is built for custom manufacturers. From production planning, CRM, and inventory management, to job costing, scheduling, and accounting, see how Genius ERP helps you streamline your business every step of the way.

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