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Just Genius ERP

Real-time command, for real-world complexity

Each Genius feature brings distinct advantages for SME custom manufacturers. Unleash the power of an ERP built for you, from design to delivery.

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Rest API

Connect 3rd-party applications, websites and custom programs to share real-time information with dealers and customers.

Product Engineering

Take CAD designs, transform them into BOMs and RFQs, save engineering time and reduce data entry and production errors.


With just one system, connect finances, production, and all payment info to a specific job for easy tracking.


Make price inquiries for multiple items to multiple suppliers. Reorder items based on minimum stock or combine orders.

Project Management

Save time and meet delivery targets reliably with intuitive purchasing, including for long-lead items ahead of BOM.

Sales CRM

Track opportunities, monitor sales pipeline in real-time while benefitting from all-in-one Genius ERP and CRM support.

Inventory Control

Avoid material and long-lead item shortages while optimizing purchasing for a rolling stock of goods when you need them.

Production Planning

Maximize throughput based on real-time oversight of production floor, actual capacity and impact on resources.


Identify true costs by managing payroll by production order, while employees invoice and manage costs on one platform.


Determine prices based on true material, labor, and other costs. Start with accurate quotes, end with on-time delivery.

Quality Control

Generate NCRs, monitor corrective practices and steadily increase standards. Hold vendors to quality, track warranties.


Monitor and measure operations using real-time dashboards. Track progress, efficiency and employee performance.

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