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Food & Bakery

Genius ERP handles standard and custom food & bakery equipment manufacturing

One system for quote-to-cash oversight and control in repeat or project mode.

Pumps, fillers, depositors, cookie machines, decorating equipment and sprayers: end consumers don’t grasp how complicated the production line is for the products on supermarket shelves. Genius ERP is especially adept at the high-variable, multi-stage ETO manufacturing food and bakery equipment often requires.

Speed up production

Go from CAD to a bill of materials, RFQs and long-lead item purchasing in a fraction of the time. Utilize progressive BOM release for multi-stage projects.

Get a clear picture of your costs

Take the guesswork out of the numbers. Track inventory and materials issued to jobs in real-time. Understand true cost of each project through easy documentation of material and labor costs.

Stay on top of billing

Manage advance progress billings within one system and easily track past-due payments. Maintain a historical record of clients to increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Genius ERP allows food & bakery equipment manufacturers to meet these goals and more:

  • Fast estimation and request for quotation
  • Project planning based on capacity as well as existing and changing commitments
  • On-time delivery and employee performance tracking based on real-time reports and indicators
  • Lean inventory and project planning

Hinds-Bock Corporation

Food & Bakery / Bothell, WA

After two unsuccessful experiences with other ERPs, Hinds-Bock now uses Genius ERP to manage the company’s complex engineer-to-order business platform.

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ERP + People

Anthony Isabella - Genius Solutions Consultant

Manufacturing is in our DNA, and we employ knowledgeable experts who understand your systems, business and people. Our engineers, accountants and project managers are here to help you grow.

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