Consumers don’t understand what goes into building the machines that create our favorite foods—but Genius ERP does.

We give you a tailored ERP solution designed to streamline your processes, enhance your efficiency and lower your costs.

Genius ERP allows you to efficiently manage complicated manufacturing operations, enabling seamless collaboration between production, procurement and accounting. Expedite design and engineering processes and ensure timely material sourcing, making it easier for you to meet customer expectations.


The solutions you need

Speed up production

Go from CAD models to a bill of materials, create requests for quotations and purchase long-lead items in a fraction of the usual time.

Get a clear picture of your costs

Take the guesswork out of your numbers by tracking inventory, material usage and labor in real time to understand the true cost of each project in your shop.

Ultimate oversight

Manage every stage of production, from concept and design to manufacturing. Empower your shop with seamless coordination and efficiency.

Automatic bakery production line with sweet cookies on conveyor belt equipment machinery in confectionary factory workshop, industrial food production.
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See how Hinds-Bock uses Genius ERP to manage their complex engineer-to-order manufacturing business.

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We’re honored to help hard-working manufacturers grow

Whether you’re looking for your first ERP, or you need a replacement solution, manufacturers just like you have realized the benefits of implementing Genius ERP.

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