A completely integrated ERP software for industrial machinery & equipment manufacturers

Genius ERP delivers manufacturing operation ERP software designed for the specific needs of custom manufacturers working in machinery & equipment. We specialize in providing manufacturing software systems that solves the business challenges of custom manufacturing.

Based on an innovative single vision, designed with only manufacturers in mind, Genius ERP is the right fit for industrial machinery & industrial equipment manufacturers working in all modes of production, as well as those who handle servicing and spare parts.


Tackling your challenges

Inventory issues

Parts allocation problems can be solved with Genius ERP’s real-time inventory control, leading to optimized supply chain and avoiding shortages, saving resources and reducing delays.

Accounting headaches and redundant entries

Genius ERP eliminates the need for jerry-rigged systems and manual checks, with centralization and historical tracking tied to job numbers. Move beyond oversight with greater efficiency and confidence in the estimation process.

Wasted engineering time

With Genius ERP, technology automates error-prone input functions, freeing engineers to start projects faster and increase throughput. Utilize talent to capacity with cost-effective and efficient production staging.


Flexible scheduling

Genius ERP provides the functionality to manage change and any shifting dependencies across your shop floor. Improve reliability and control, leading to more on-time deliveries and greater customer loyalty.


Consider material and labor costs to subsequently apply margins and determine the selling price as early as the design stage. Keep track of common costs and quotes historically.

Thorough documentation

Some functions cost more than others, and if the time Enter data once, share it throughout operations, and clip all documents and tracking information in one place for your team to access.

Key Features

Key Features

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Key features

Smart Scheduling

Simplify shop-floor scheduling, reduce lead times and improve efficiency with the only DBR scheduling tool built for custom manufacturers.

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Easily track job costs and simplify accounting with one system that connects finance and accounting with your entire operation.

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Genius Analytics

Get real-time visibility across your company and use a range of reports and analytics to gain oversight into every aspect of your operations.

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We’re honored to help hard-working SMEs grow

Whether you’re looking for your first ERP, or you need a replacement solution, manufacturers just like you have realized the benefits of implementing Genius ERP.

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