Industrial Machinery & Equipment

ERP for Industrial Machinery Manufactuers

A completely integrated ERP software for industrial machinery & equipment manufacturers

Genius ERP delivers manufacturing operation ERP software designed for the specific needs of custom manufacturers working in machinery & equipment. We specialize in providing manufacturing software systems that solves the business challenges of custom manufacturing.

Based on an innovative single vision, designed with only manufacturers in mind, Genius ERP is the right fit for industrial machinery & industrial equipment manufacturers working in all modes of production, as well as those who handle servicing and spare parts.

Enable lean and flexible production to better compete

Tons of inventory, machines and processes: this is what makes machinery and equipment manufacturing a challenge. Workflow management of multi-level assemblies can become a tangle of inter-dependencies for SMEs, but with Genius ERP, inventory tracking, shop floor scheduling and other MRP functions can easily be managed and adjusted for greater throughput. Gain an understanding of the actual costs of each build while becoming a reliable industrial machinery manufacturer for your customers.

Tackling the challenges you face

Inventory issues

Parts get allocated twice, or aren’t on the shelf when you need them. However, with a connected system like Genius ERP, the struggle will not have to be eternal. With Genius ERP real time inventory control, you’ll be able to avoid material and long-lead item shortages while optimizing the supply chain for a rolling stock of good when you need them. Better invest your resources while experiencing fewer delays.

Accounting headaches and redundant entries

A jerry-rigged system tends to develop around an ERP software that requires a lot of oversight and checking, eliminating the potential for greater efficiency. With Genius ERP, everything centralized, tied to a job number in the MRP and historically trackable. Let your accounting move beyond the need for tedious and manual checks and balances, and have greater confidence in your estimation process.

Wasted engineering time

Some functions cost more than others, and if the time your engineers spend taking designs into MRP-ready BOMs and RFQs can be used instead to start fast out the gates on other projects, then you are staging production for increased throughput while utilizing your talent to its capacity. Technology is available to take input functions, which are prone to errors, out of human hands with Genius ERP.

The solutions you need to deliver satisfaction

Flexible scheduling

Genius ERP provides the functionality to manage change and any shifting dependencies across your shop floor. Improve reliability and control, leading to more on-time deliveries and greater customer loyalty.


Consider material and labor costs to subsequently apply margins and determine the selling price as early as the design stage. Keep track of common costs and quotes historically.

Thorough documentation

Enter data once, share it throughout operations, and clip all documents and tracking information in one place for your team to access. With integration to Sage and Quickbooks, avoid re-keying data.

Genius ERP is built for growth:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Eliminate unnecessary downtime
  • Enhance manufacturing production and performance
  • Improve connectivity to vendors, dealers and customers
  • Identify bottlenecks and constraints in operations
  • Determine true costs of production
  • Control costs of production
  • Better understand the value your provide
  • Answer customer demands
  • Fast estimation and request for quotation to speed into production
  • Project planning based on capacity as well as existing and changing commitments
  • On-time delivery and employee performance tracking based on real-time reports and indicators
  • Lean inventory and project planning

We're partners for growth with manufacturers across North America.

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