Over 100 of our customers are in the machinery and equipment industry. From forestry equipment to machines for the plastic industry to road maintenance equipment—you name it, we’ve got customers building it.

Genius ERP specializes in providing manufacturing software solutions that solve the challenges faced by industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers.

We are built to handle multi-stage, high-variable manufacturing. Whether you are engineering, configuring or managing services and spare parts, our solution seamlessly fits with your workflow. With Genius ERP, you not only get advanced software but also a committed partner focused on your success and growth.


Tackling your challenges

Inventory issues

Parts allocation problems can be solved with Genius ERP’s real-time inventory control, leading to an optimized supply chain and avoiding shortages—saving resources and reducing delays.

Accounting headaches and redundant entries

Genius ERP eliminates the need for makeshift systems and manual checks through centralization and historical tracking tied to job numbers. Move beyond oversight with greater efficiency and confidence in the estimation process.

Wasted engineering time

With Genius ERP, technology automates error-prone input functions, freeing engineers to start projects faster and increase throughput. Utilize talent to capacity with cost-effective and efficient production staging.

The technician operator working with press brake hydraulic bending machine. The sheet metal working operation by skill operator.

Eliminate wasted engineering time

Genius ERP boosts your throughput by automating error-prone tasks, enabling your engineers to start projects faster. Maximize your engineering department’s time with optimized workflows that enhance overall operational efficiency.

Flexible scheduling

Streamline your shop-floor scheduling processes and significantly reduce lead times with our exclusive DBR scheduling tool. Our innovative scheduling system improves reliability and control, ensuring optimal production planning and execution.

Seamless inventory solutions

Our real-time inventory management features solve parts allocation issues, optimize your supply chain, prevent shortages and minimize delays. Accurate, real-time inventory data empowers you to make informed decisions to improve production planning.

CNC Laser cutting of metal with sparks, modern industrial technology. Small depth of field.
marathon equipment office drone shot
Featured Case Study


Marathon Equipment

Genius ERP automated Marathon’s processes and improved their inventory management issues, paving a path to growth.

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Whether you’re looking for your first ERP, or you need a replacement solution, manufacturers just like you have realized the benefits of implementing Genius ERP.

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