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Maximize your throughput and deliver on time, every time, with an intuitive, all-in-one system that oversees every job in your shop.

Genius Production Management

Genius ERP’s production scheduling lets you manage all aspects of each job in your shop and balance shifting priorities with a fully integrated and connected system. Use real-time data to track job progress, identify production bottlenecks, measure system performance, monitor timesheets, check work-order completion and track costs for each job in your shop or on-site. Align your whole shop and manage priorities to drive your business forward.

Point 1

Set your priorities

Use advanced shop floor planning and scheduling tools to coordinate finite and infinite resources based on their availability and your defined number of machines. Manage constraints such as predecessors and successors, job start-dates and end-dates, material availability and milestone end-date constraints. Schedule work centers, personnel, required parts and tools based on your BOM, actual workload and capacity to align your entire company and ensure everyone is worksking on the right priorities at the right time.

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Point 2

Improve throughput

Eliminate bottlenecks and reduce equipment downtime to boost profitability and competitiveness. Use real-time data to Identify production bottlenecks and measure work center performance and availability to catch problems immediately before they become bigger issues and throw off delivery dates. Organize your shop based on actual capacity by identifying constraints on current and proposed workloads — which translates into running your shop at maximum efficiency to improve your throughput and deliver more jobs on time.

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Point 3

Track job progress

Use real-time dashboards and reports to get an overview of your operations without visiting the shop floor, ensuring that your employees are working on the right priorities to drive your business forward. Monitor timesheets and work order completion, plus track each job’s expenses in real time. Manage availability for different planning elements in the system based on calendar days with our resource calendar management. Easily define workdays and capacity for the following aspects: machines, subcontractors, constraints, milestones and labor cost categories.

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Key Features and Functionalities

Organize your team to work efficiently on the right priorities: Genius ERP’s production scheduling gives you a real-time overview of your production floor, clarifies and structures the instructions for each task and job and allows you to execute tasks according to an established plan. React quickly to changes, keeping everyone on your team up-to-date. Quickly see which materials are available on-site and what needs to be ordered to complete a job.

  • Real-time fully-integrated system
  • High-level production visibility
  • Gantt charts
  • Production dashboard
  • Production schedule management
  • Track job progress
  • Advanced planning features
  • Workload vs. Capacity Prioritization
  • Timesheet & work-order Monitoring
  • Track expenses for each job
  • Work order lots/Nesting
  • Production lots
  • Parallel scheduling
  • Management of lead time between operations
  • Task locking
  • Material planning
  • Material availability context
  • Setup management
  • Completion of predecessors
  • Machine & Resource Progress Tracking

Built for the people who use it

Whether you are an engineer, production manager, accountant or CEO, Genius ERP has the solutions you need to get the job done right.

Production Managers

Always be up-to-date and in the know

Genius production scheduling lets you control day-to-day scheduling details and gain a real-time overview of your production floor — enabling you to better prioritize and schedule your shop floor. Monitor job progress in real-time and clarify tasks and priorities to ensure that you and your team are always working on the right job at the right time. You can also easily make changes on the fly — and quickly react to changes from your customers — while jobs are in progress, creating a more efficient shop floor.

With Genius production scheduling, everything is in real-time and within one easy-to-use system. Schedule your shop more efficiently, stay on top of priorities to maximize throughput and deliver more jobs on time.

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