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Cambridge, ON

Features: Job Costing - Production Management - ShopFloor

Fil-Trek transformed from a small shop to a 73-employee enterprise and needed better control.

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The implementation team was quite knowledgeable, especially on the custom manufacturing side — where we had a lot of questions.

Tim Salihu
Engineering Supervisor
About the Company

The company


Operating out of a 68,000-square-foot facility in Cambridge, Ontario, Fil-Trek designs, manufactures, and delivers products to the filtration industry in a wide variety of markets.


Fil-Trek is a comprehensive PV & tank manufacturing company for the industrial filtration industry. They offer both standard and custom products to the filtration industry and focus on creating products that respond to their customers’ specific needs.

Genius ERP Highlight

“With the implementation of Genius, we’re able to see things in process, and we’re able to keep histories of job profitability. We know much more now than we ever did.”

Jim Hodges CFO
The Challenge

The challenge

Fil-Trek prides themselves on their entrepreneurial spirit, as well as their ability to be agile and offer their customers competitive prices — but the company was struggling to manage their growing business effectively.

“We were at a point where we needed more information in order to manage our business more effectively,” explained Jim Hodges, CFO at Fil-Trek. “I think we were at the point where we hit a ceiling in terms of infrastructure and our use of information that would have prevented us from growing further, and we were at a point where we had to get better control of our systems.

Top requirements


The ability to keep track of all job information in one place and to easily share information between departments


The ability to see what is happening across their entire operation, including the status of jobs on the shop-floor

Better operational management

A comprehensive system that provides real-time data to help Fil-Trek better manage all of their operations

The solution

The solution

“With the implementation of Genius, we’re able to see things in process, and we’re able to keep histories of job profitability,” said Hodges. “We know much more now than we ever did.”

Fil-Trek and Genius worked together closely during the implementation process, with Genius implementation specialists on hand for any questions Fil-Trek had. “They had quite the knowledge of our company and spent time with each of our departments in order to understand our struggles,” explained Tim Salihu, Engineering Supervisor.

Fil-Trek gained greater control over operations thanks to Genius ERP. They developed an improved process for information sharing from the engineering department, as well as more effective control over timesheets.

“We’re able to identify jobs before they’ve shipped or before they’ve completed fabrication, and we can find issues in-process when there is still time for us to correct them,” Hodges concluded.

Lou Faustini, Founder and Owner of Fil-Trek, has instilled his honest and sincere family values within the company and hopes Genius ERP can one day help his son — who currently works at the company — gain greater knowledge and help Fil-Trek continue to grow.

Key Features

Key features

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Key features


Greater connectivity and visibility across their organization have helped them improve their communication and share information across departments

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Job Costing

Handles complex prepayments with ease, and connects accounting data with the manufacturing side of operations

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Production Management

Accurate costing, from material to labor overhead—paired with inventory tracking—makes forecasting easy

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