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Revolutionize the way you schedule your shop

Simplify shop-floor scheduling, reduce lead times and improve efficiency with the only DBR
scheduling tool built for custom manufacturers.

Genius Smart Scheduling

Simplify shop-floor scheduling and improve throughput and efficiency with the only DBR
scheduling tool built for custom manufacturers. DBR scheduling is based on the fundamental
Theory of Constraints, or ToC, principle that within any manufacturing shop, there is a Drum —
one or a limited number of scarce resources — which controls the overall output of the shop.
Increasing the capacity of the Drum is the only way to increase the capacity of the shop.
Using this theory, Genius ERP’s’ Smart Scheduling tool streamlines shop floor scheduling by
identifying the Drum and then automatically prepares a detailed schedule that maximizes the
capacity of your shop. Mechanisms — Buffers and Ropes — that ensure your shop always
operates at maximum efficiency are also automatically implemented.

Point 1

Decrease lead times

If you use a traditional manufacturing scheduling system, estimating delivery times is an educated guess at best. But Smart Scheduling lets you manage your shop more efficiently. Instead of constantly being caught in the weeds, Genius ERP’s DBR software keeps you running at maximum efficiency, meaning you can give your customers more accurate estimated delivery dates — and, more importantly, follow through and deliver on time.

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Point 2

Increase throughput

Smart Scheduling will increase your shop’s throughput by allowing you to schedule your shop to its maximum capacity. Instead of building a schedule based on guesswork and inaccurate data, a DBR schedule is developed around — and built to support — the heartbeat of your shop. With Smart Scheduling, your shop will always run at peak efficiency and maximum throughput.

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Point 3

Expert priority management

Smart Scheduling creates a detailed schedule in which each job and task on a project is prioritized and scheduled in turn. Every role and department in your shop will be on task, and miscommunications will become a thing of the past. Managers and supervisors will be better able to set and manage priorities, as well as define and follow the throughput of your shop. Smart Scheduling ensures that everyone in your shop is working on the right task at the right time to get jobs completed and out the door on time.

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Smart Scheduling now includes What If Scheduling

Custom manufacturers are constantly dealing with on-the-fly changes — whether from a customer request, a new order or a late part from a 3rd-party vendor. Before you change your schedule and priorities, use What If Scheduling to simulate what would happen before you make any changes.

Test the results of adding or moving jobs without impacting your shop environment until you find the schedule that works best for you.

Key Features and Functionalities

Scheduling in a custom manufacturing environment is a complex process that involves not only trying to create an accurate schedule for a never-before-seen product but also multiple departments, components and long lead-time items. Genius ERP’s Smart Scheduling, the only DBR (Drum-Buffer-Rope) scheduling tool available within an ERP system, will completely change how you schedule your shop.

  • Job priority board
  • Milestone priority boards
  • Available to promise dates
  • Simulated Start/End dates
  • DBR Scheduling Calendar
  • Throughput tracking
  • Priority management system
  • Labor scheduling
  • Labor loading
  • Task scheduling
  • What If Scheduling
  • Job simulation

Built for the people who use it

Whether you are an engineer, production manager, accountant or CEO, Genius ERP has the solutions you need to get the job done right.

Production Managers

Deliver on time and on budget with DBR scheduling

Use dashboards to know what needs to be done and to set top priorities. Assign and track milestones to ensure jobs are always delivered on time.

Instead of creating a schedule based on inaccurate data, DBR scheduling simplifies scheduling for custom manufacturers and creates a schedule based on the actual pace of your shop — with built-in mechanisms to ensure that you always run at your most efficient pace to maximize throughput.

Sales Team & Customer Service

Give your customers the answers they want and need

Automatically provide an ATP (Available-to-Promise) date to your customers as part of the quoting process without even having to know the engineering for the product. Easily answer customer inquiries about the status of their jobs.

Smart Scheduling gives you an accurate, prioritized schedule to follow, preventing costly delays and letting you deliver more products on time.

Project Managers

No more lost jobs, jumbled priorities or late deliveries

Define, set and follow milestones to track if jobs are on schedule. Smart Scheduling gives you an easy-to-use priority management system to ensure jobs are always completed on time.

Smart Scheduling can also efficiently deal with changes and shifting priorities — whether from a customer request, a new order or a late delivery from a 3rd-party vendor. Before you change your schedule, you can run simulations to see the impact of a change — and easily create the schedule that works best for your shop, balancing all priorities and ensuring on-time delivery

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Whether you’re looking for your first ERP, or you need a replacement solution, manufacturers just like you have realized the benefits of implementing Genius ERP.

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