ERP Smart Scheduling Software for Manufacturers

Revolutionize the way you schedule your shop

Genius ERP’s Smart Scheduling, the only DBR (Drum-Buffer-Rope) scheduling tool available within an ERP system, will completely change the way you schedule your shop. Reduce lead times, increase throughput, and get everyone in your shop aligned and focused on the same priorities with our Smart Scheduling tool.

DBR scheduling is based on the fundamental Theory of Constraints (ToC) principle that within any custom manufacturing plant there is a Drum—one, or a limited number of, scarce resources—which control the overall output of the plant. Increasing the capacity of the Drum is the only way to increase the capacity of your manufacturing shop. Using this theory, Genius ERP’s’ Smart Scheduling tool streamlines shop floor scheduling by identifying the Drum and then automatically prepares a detailed schedule that maximizes the capacity of the Drum. Buffers and Ropes are also put into place—mechanisms that ensure the Drum always operates at maximum efficiency.

Decrease Lead Times

If you are using a traditional manufacturing scheduling system, estimating delivery times is an educated guess at best.

But Smart Scheduling lets you manage your shop more efficiently. Instead of constantly being caught in the weeds, Genius ERP’s Drum-Buffer-Rope software keeps you running at maximum efficiency, meaning you can give your customers more accurate estimated delivery dates. And more importantly, you’ll be able to follow through and deliver on time.

Increase Throughput

Smart Scheduling will increase your shop’s throughput by allowing you to schedule your shop to its actual maximum capacity.

Instead of building a schedule based on guesswork and inaccurate data, a DBR schedule is developed around—and built to support—the true heartbeat of your shop. With Smart Scheduling your shop will always run at peak efficiency level and maximum throughput.

Expert Priority Management

Smart Scheduling creates a detailed schedule in which each job and task on a project is prioritized and scheduled in turn.

Every role and department in your shop will be better equipped, and miscommunications will become a distant memory. Managers and supervisors will be better able to set and manage priorities, as well as define and follow the throughput of your shop. Smart Scheduling will ensure that everyone in your shop is working on the right task at the right time, to get jobs completed and out the door on time

Key Features and Functionalities:

  • Job priority board
  • Available to promise dates
  • Milestone priority board to track and manage important milestones
  • Tools to simulate start and end dates
  • DBR calendar to simplify scheduling
  • Define and track throughput
  • Priority management system to prioritize bottlenecks
  • Labor scheduling and labor loading
  • Task scheduling
  • What If Scheduling
  • Job simulation

Features of Interest

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