Raglan Industries

Oshawa, ON

Features: CAD2BOM Engineering - Employee Management - Purchasing

Raglan needed an ERP to stay competitive across three revenue streams and continue growing for the next generation of owners.

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With Genius, we’re confident we found a long-term partner as we continue to grow in our industry.

Erin McClain
About the Company

The company


The third-generation family-run company prides itself on delivering quality products and excellent customer service. Originally founded in 1959 as a welding shop, Raglan now produces innovative and diverse products for the trailer industry.


Raglan Industries designs and manufactures custom steel, aluminum, or stainless steel trailers for a variety of industries. In addition to fabricating new builds, Raglan also repairs construction and farm equipment, and sells spare parts.

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Genius ERP Highlight

“It’s more than just a computer system; it’s an improvement on our operational processes.”

Erin McClain Administrator
The Challenge

The challenge

It became evident to Raglan’s management team that the company’s previous enterprise resource planning (ERP) system could not grow with the company. Ultimately they decided to search for alternatives that would enable their growth.

As a custom trailer manufacturer that not only orders parts and raw materials — including long-lead items — specific to jobs, but also manages a repairs department and sells spare parts, Raglan’s front office oversees an enormous amount of information. Raglan needed a better ERP system that could streamline their processes, help them transition away from a paper-based system, and manage all their data and information.

“To decrease the time from order placement to delivery, we knew we had to move away from the use of so much paper and transition towards computerized operations across our factory,” said Erin McClain, Administrator at Raglan Industries and granddaughter of the company’s founder.

Top requirements

Custom manufacturing-specific ERP

Raglan needed an ERP that could handle the complexities of custom manufacturing

Manage multiple revenue streams

Raglan not only has a custom manufacturing division, but also handles repairs and spare parts and needed an ERP that can manage all three

Better operational efficiencies

Raglan needed to streamline their business processes across their shop to keep up with their growing business

The solution

The solution

In Raglan’s search for a new manufacturing ERP software solution, they valued the ability to handle a custom trailer manufacturer’s unique needs above all. Raglan has three unique streams of revenue — new builds, repairs, and spare parts — and each sector has distinctive pricing structures. They needed a manufacturing-specific ERP solution that could manage each revenue source within one cohesive system.

“We ended up choosing Genius because it was clear that the software could meet our technical needs,” said McClain. “And then, when the Genius sales rep came to visit us and did a walk-through of our factory, it was clear he understood where we were and where we needed to be.”

“When the Genius team arrived to start our implementation, it was also very clear that they understood our specific needs, and — most importantly — how to help us achieve them,” says McClain.

Raglan continues to integrate more features of Genius ERP software into their operations. Their management team has already seen improvements in operational processes, such as streamlined purchasing and employee time collection using Genius screens directly on the shop floor.

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Key Features

Key features

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Key features

cad2bom icon

CAD2BOM Engineering

Lets Raglan handle their complex, truly custom builds and deliver products on time and on budget

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Streamlines their purchasing processes and helps them to better manage purchasing for all three of their revenue streams

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employee management icon

Employee Management

Allows Raglan to easily collect time from their shop floor and more effectively manage their costs

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