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Optimize your company’s performance with Genius Shop Floor. Connect the heart of your business to the rest of your operation to make informed decisions that drive efficiency and productivity.

Genius Shop Floor

Perform tasks on the go with our flexible, tablet-ready platform. Track real-time manufacturing data and production progress from raw materials to finished goods. Create instant alignment between management decisions and shop floor priorities.

Streamlined Operations

Paperless 4.0

Move to a paperless 4.0 environment with a single all-in-one screen that consolidates your information. Everything is on one screen, from instructions to work orders, engineering drawings, quality controls, work in progress, pickup location, work order completion and more. Work from an on-screen workflow or by using a barcode scan. Set up display screens according to the needs of floor staff. No need for paper production orders — manage all work instructions using the attachment tool in Genius Shop Floor.

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Real-Time Task Alignment

Real-time priority management

Create instantaneous alignment between upper management decisions and shop floor priorities. Always know where you are in production and keep track of material consumption. Genius Shop Floor is web-based, allowing you to track completed jobs and production orders, and gives you real-time access to engineering drawings with their latest revisions. Readjust your production plan at the end of each day and communicate new instructions based on updated priorities.

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Efficient Time Management

Time tracking

Track work-in-progress costs and analyze the completion of planned work. Perform tasks on the go with our easy access, tablet-ready and flexible platform. Improve productivity with automated processes, including digitized maintenance documentation. With one click, streamline your break and lunch management processes for each employee. Shop floor staff can create and assign administrative tasks or to-do lists, in addition to their production-related responsibilities, to manage their workloads more efficiently and effectively.

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Key Features and Functionalities

Manage, measure and synchronize your shop floor with our comprehensive tool that provides a complete view of your operations, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive efficiency and productivity. Genius Shop Floor integrates and streamlines your shop floor processes, allowing you to leverage data to optimize production. Once a work plan is completed, Genius Shop Floor gathers information and keeps track of the production floor activities in real time.

  • Paperless 4.0
  • Flexibility
  • Perform tasks on the go
  • MES/Smart Scheduling Process Automation
  • Real-time WIP data flow
  • Adapted Employee Profiles
  • Cashflow Management Dashboard
  • Online status management
  • Job screening
  • Sortable Real-time Task Management
  • On-going up-to-date data
  • Quality control
  • Photo capture and storage
  • Human Error Prevention
  • Traceability on transactions and records

Built for the people who use it

Whether you are an engineer, production manager, accountant or CEO, Genius ERP has the solutions you need to get the job done right.

Scheduling Managers

Maximize efficiency with priority dashboards

Utilize dashboards to determine tasks and set priorities, which are then applied to the MES to establish the order on the shop floor. Schedule tasks, assign milestones and track progress to ensure timely completion of work.

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Production Managers

Revolutionize your shop floor planning

Completely change the way you plan your shop floor. Clarify tasks and priorities, ensuring alignment between you and your production team. Track job progress in real-time to maximize the throughput of your shop.

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Inventory Managers

Avoid production interruptions

Track inventory levels, control costs and replenish inventory based on actual work orders with a streamlined, fully integrated system. Use mobile devices to track and move materials, manage inventory and eliminate duplicate data. Avoid production interruptions and eliminate unexpected shortages with access to live status.

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Case studies

We’re honored to help hard-working manufacturers grow

Whether you’re looking for your first ERP, or you need a replacement solution, manufacturers just like you have realized the benefits of implementing Genius ERP.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is a term that represents the ongoing digital transformation of industries, particularly manufacturing. Industry 4.0 is characterized by heightened levels of digitization, automation, and interconnectedness within the manufacturing sector. It encompasses the integration of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, big data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing into manufacturing processes and systems. Industry 4.0 aims to create “smart factories” that are more efficient, agile, and interconnected, leading to increased productivity, improved quality, reduced costs, and enhanced overall competitiveness for businesses.

Do I need a manufacturing-specific ERP?

Yes. Selecting the right ERP system is all about finding a solution that aligns with your business’s needs, industry requirements, company size, budget constraints, and operational demands. A manufacturing-specific ERP is specifically designed with features, functionalities, and advantages that cater to the unique demands of manufacturers.

Any robust ERP system will contribute to enhancing efficiency and reducing costs, by integrating various aspects of your business into a centralized database, streamlining tasks and processes, and facilitating the sharing of accurate information across your organization. But, a manufacturing-specific ERP system will better cater to your unique needs, intricate workflows, and specialized production processes which will optimize your operations to drive greater productivity and profitability.


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