If your expertise lies in crafting intricate molds, tools or dies, Genius ERP gives you the functionality and flexibility to boost productivity with your existing setup.

Our all-in-one system, built exclusively for custom manufacturers, lets you improve shop floor efficiency without hiring new workers. With seamless solutions tailored to your needs, you can reduce lead times, increase throughput, track job costs and simplify customer transactions.

Genius ERP includes all the essential tools you need to manage intricate client specifications, track materials, optimize production schedules and maintain quality standards. Do it all with Genius ERP.


The solutions you need

Fast, accurate quoting

Use detailed data from past work orders and precise labor and material costs to quickly create accurate quotes. Confidently generate quotes that reflect your operational realities, ensuring profitability and customer satisfaction with every deal.

Real-time adjustments

Quickly adjust your shop floor plans as new jobs come in or existing ones progress. Adapt to changes in materials or labor availability without delays. Stay proactive, keeping your production line flexible and responsive to shifting priorities.

Efficient inventory management

Track stock levels and monitor inventory movement in real time. Trace inventory across multiple locations to quickly track down needed parts. Stay lean by replenishing stock based on actual on-the-job demand or pre-set levels.

Modern hydraulic metal bending machine in a metallurgical factory
glider guard molding background
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Glider Guard

See how Genius ERP manages multiple locations and fuels robust and sustainable growth for Glider Guard.

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We’re honored to help hard-working manufacturers grow

Whether you’re looking for your first ERP, or you need a replacement solution, manufacturers just like you have realized the benefits of implementing Genius ERP.

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