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Pressure Vessel & Tank

Genius ERP delivers results for pressure vessel and tank manufacturers.

Manage quote-to-cash operations on the floor, in the office, or out in the field.

Fulfill the unique requirements of manufacturing ASME pressure vessels, including material test reports and on-site installations. Perform quote-to-actual analyses based on accurate operations data captured throughout entire product lifecycles. Genius ERP bridges design and production with SolidWorks or Inventor integrations, eliminating duplicate data entry and human error. Align your operations and team with Genius ERP.

Contain job costs

Analyze estimate-to-actual costs after each consecutive project, and build a historical record to base quotations and total product cost projections for future projects.

Seamless engineering to manufacturing

With one click, go from product design to factory production with CAD2BOM. Compare and merge BOMs to purchase for multiple orders, or progressively release BOMs for multi-stage projects.

No pressure production  

Schedule by customer due date or by capacity. Guide shop floor planning with clear information based constraints and priorities, whether static or changing.

Genius ERP allows pressure vessel and tank manufacturers to meet these goals and more:

  • Synchronize design with factory production using CAD2BOM and other features
  • Estimation at the design phase
  • Easily provide customers with quotes and in-progress product tracking
  • Project planning based on capacity and existing commitments
  • Reports and indicators for on-time delivery and performance tracking

Hinds-Bock Corporation

Food & Bakery / Bothell, WA

After two unsuccessful experiences with other ERPs, Hinds-Bock now uses Genius ERP to manage the company’s complex engineer-to-order business platform.

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ERP + People

Anthony Isabella - Genius Solutions Consultant

Manufacturing is in our DNA, and we employ knowledgeable experts who understand your systems, business and people. Our engineers, accountants and project managers are here to help you grow.

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