Seamlessly meet demanding industry standards and navigate complex regulations and testing protocols with Genius ERP, the software solution designed specifically for custom manufacturers.

Genius ERP offers built-in functionality for quality assurance, material test reports and off-site management. Fulfill the unique requirements of manufacturing ASME pressure vessels and tanks, including material test reports and on-site installations.

Genius ERP bridges design and production with integrations with both SolidWorks and Inventor, accelerating product development while saving time and eliminating duplicate data entry and human error. Align your operations and your team with Genius ERP.


The solutions you need

Know your job costs

Analyze estimate-to-actual costs after each consecutive project and build a historical record to base estimates, quotes and total product cost projections for future projects.

Seamless engineering to manufacturing

With one click, go from product design to production with CAD2BOM. Compare and merge BOMs to purchase for multiple orders or progressively release BOMs for multi-stage projects.

No pressure production

Schedule by customer due date or by capacity. Guide shop floor planning with clear information based on constraints and priorities, whether static or changing.

Modern boiler room equipment- high power boiler burner
pressure vessel and tank valves
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Kennedy Tank

Kennedy Tank chose Genius ERP because we are designed and supported by engineers. See how we streamlined job tracking and improved efficiency for the custom PV and tank manufacturer.

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Pressure vessel and tank manufacturing is a complex and tightly regulated industry, where managing production processes is crucial. To stay ahead, manufacturers need to streamline operations while meeting strict standards. ERP systems help these manufacturers improve productivity, efficiency, and quality, all while cutting costs. Read more in our blog.

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pv tanks in factory with pressure dial in focus
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Whether you’re looking for your first ERP, or you need a replacement solution, manufacturers just like you have realized the benefits of implementing Genius ERP.

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