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As a true one-stop job shop, Jennison required a system that could create accurate quotes based on actual costs.

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With this system, we know what our real costs are.

Karl Amendola
Jennison Manufacturing Group
About the Company

The company


Founded in 1983 by Tom Jennison, Jennison Manufacturing Group is dedicated to delivering the highest quality Tool and Die products possible, all while preserving the welcoming atmosphere of a small family business. Situated in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, just 10 minutes south of downtown Pittsburgh, Jennison comprises two entities: Jennison Corporation and Jennison Quality Components, Inc.


Jennison is a true one-stop job shop. With a full range of equipment, including CNC machining, Wire EDM and stamping, they engineer, prototype and manufacture parts for multiple industries, including energy, military, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, mining and safety. Between Jennison’s two divisions, they can have runs as small as five pieces or, in the case of their longstanding stamping division, as large as 100,000 pieces.

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Genius ERP Highlight

“With Genius, our quoting has improved dramatically.”

Michael Jennison Jennison Manufacturing Group
The Challenge

The challenge

Known for quality and precision, Jennison needed a robust ERP system that could handle their job shop environment. They sought out a system with powerful scheduling to improve on-time deliveries, strong financial oversight to gain control over their costs and a system that could create accurate quotes to ensure profitability.

Jennison was relying on a flat shop rate when calculating quotes but needed to be more accurate: “We used to have just 75 dollars an hour — ok, that’s our shop rate — when it really wasn’t. You know, it could have been 35, or it could have been 105. We didn’t know it.” says Karl Amendola. By not knowing their actual costs, estimating and quoting, “a lot of the time in the past, it was a shot in the dark,” admits Hayden Jennison.

They also needed a scheduling system that could handle the multi-faceted nature of their business. “Before Genius, we used a scheduling system that was strictly based on job traveler packs in the shop, at machines,” says Michael Jennison.

Top requirements

Powerful scheduling

Jennison wanted an ERP system built for job shops to improve their on-time delivery rate

Accurate quoting

To enhance profitability, Jennison required a system that could create quotes based on actual costs

Strong financial oversight

Jennison needed better insight into their financials to identify which of their customers and jobs are profitable — and which are not

The solution

The solution

Shortly after implementing Genius, Jennison saw drastic improvements in the accuracy of their quotes — and profits. “We have seriously increased our rate of outgoing quotes with pricing that we’re confident in. We no longer have to stick with this antiquated hourly rate that’s a flat rate across our shop. We’ve been able to look back at our history quickly and easily, and our estimating and quoting department has been able to see where we might have gone wrong or where something went well,” says Hayden.

Jennison has also been able to improve their on-time delivery rate by using Genius ERP’s scheduling system: “We have more visibility into what’s realistic when we commit to a date. And then also because it correctly prioritizes the work at the machines, based on the dates we’ve committed to,” explains Michael.

Genius ERP has been fundamental in not only improving Jennison’s processes but in helping them to grow their business: “Genius makes it more comfortable for me to grow,” says Michael. “I think that’s mostly why we are growing with Genius, more than we were previous to Genius.”

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Key Features

Key features

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Key features

production scheduling icon

Production Management

Better scheduling helped Jennison reduce late orders by 30%

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quote to order icon

Quoting and Estimating

Jennison is now confident that all of their quotes are based on accurate, verifiable costs

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job costing

Job Costing

With valuable insights into their financials, Jennison has become more profitable

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