Making complex automated machinery is demanding, but Genius ERP makes it easier by enhancing your team’s capacity to handle multi-stage, engineer-to-order projects.

Genius ERP makes you more efficient by helping you seamlessly translate complex designs into production and allowing you to keep a close eye on every step of the manufacturing process.

Plus, we do more than just help you manage your projects: We equip you with the tools you need to constantly monitor progress and improve your operations. By closely tracking each stage of production and identifying potential issues, you will gain a significant edge in the market and deliver high-quality products efficiently and on time.


The solutions you need

Engineered for action

Effortlessly transition from CAD designs to a detailed bill of materials with one click of a button. Enhance efficiency by easily purchasing critical, long-lead items in advance.

Control—both on the floor and off-site

Develop a comprehensive capacity-based understanding of your processes using historical data. Effectively coordinate off-site installations and make informed plans using real-time data.

Continuous oversight

Simplify product lifecycle management and quickly identify issues. Keep track of warranties, quality metrics, customer relationships and actual costs for better insight and control.

Computer control panel lathe with numerical control
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