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Automation Solutions

Genius ERP meets the specific requirements of automation equipment manufacturers.

Improve your team’s ability to manage multi-stage production in engineer-to-order project mode.

Demand for automated production lines continues to climb while increased global competition places added pressure on SME manufacturers. Efficiency, error-reduction, and complete production oversight from end-to-end are crucial to compete in multi-stage automated equipment manufacturing. Genius ERP is especially adept at fluidly bringing designs into production, tracking progress and providing customers with the documentation and on-time delivery that earns loyalty.

Engineered for action

Go from CAD to bill of materials with one click CAD2BOM while facilitating RFQ submissions to your suppliers. Optimize speed-to-delivery with preliminary purchasing of long-lead items and real-time material resources planning.

Control, off-site and on the floor

Build a historical, capacity-based understanding of processes. Manage off-site installation, and plan according to real-shop data.

Continuous oversight

Facilitate product lifecycle management with ease and identify issues in-process. Track warranties, quality measures, customer relations and true costs.

Genius ERP allows automation equipment manufacturers to meet these goals and more:

  • Estimation at the design phase
  • Preliminary purchasing for long-lead items
  • Project planning based on capacity and existing commitments
  • Product lifecycle management for service quality and true cost assessment
  • Reports and indicators for on-time delivery and performance tracking

Hinds-Bock Corporation

Food & Bakery / Bothell, WA

After two unsuccessful experiences with other ERPs, Hinds-Bock now uses Genius ERP to manage the company’s complex engineer-to-order business platform.

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ERP + People

Anthony Isabella - Genius Solutions Consultant

Manufacturing is in our DNA, and we employ knowledgeable experts who understand your systems, business and people. Our engineers, accountants and project managers are here to help you grow.

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