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Designed by industry experts and built exclusively for custom manufacturers, Genius ERP was created just for you. We’ve helped hundreds of manufacturers across North America improve their operations and grow their business. We can do the same for you.

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Job Shop

Jennison Manufacturing Carnegie, PA

Features: Job Costing- Production Management- Quote-to-Order

As a true one-stop job shop, Jennison required a system that could create accurate quotes based on actual costs.

Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Marathon Equipment Burlington, ON

Features: CAD2BOM Engineering- Job Costing- Purchasing

With too many manual processes, Marathon needed an ERP that could update and automate their operation.

Metal Fabrication

QTG Bromont, QC

Features: Inventory Management- Job Costing- Smart Scheduling

Rapid growth and changing company structures meant QTG needed an ERP system that could connect all of their internal divisions.


Motrec Sherbrooke, QC

Features: Inventory Management- Production Management- Purchasing

Motrec needed an ERP solution that could not only streamline their business processes but could be the foundation for their ambitious growth plans.


Raglan Industries Oshawa, ON

Features: CAD2BOM Engineering- Employee Management- Purchasing

Raglan needed an ERP to stay competitive across three revenue streams and continue growing for the next generation of owners.

Pressure Vessel & Tank

Kennedy Tank Indianapolis, IN

Features: Genius Analytics- Production Management- Purchasing

Kennedy needed a system to streamline job tracking and custom manufacturing. We provided a seamless solution to improve efficiency.

Pressure Vessel & Tank

Fil-Trek Cambridge, ON

Features: Job Costing- Production Management- ShopFloor

Fil-Trek transformed from a small shop to a 73-employee enterprise and needed better control.

Food & Bakery

Hinds-Bock Bothell, WA

Features: Accounting- CAD2BOM Engineering- Project Management

After two unsuccessful ERP installs, Hinds-Bock needed to find a flexible, all-in-one solution for its complex ETO business platform.

Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Glider Guard Oldcastle, ON

Features: Inventory Management- Job Costing- Purchasing

Glider Guard had to change their processes in order to keep up with increasing demand. Implementation was done in small, careful steps to ensure maximum value. Genius ERP is now helping them drive growth.

Custom Fabricator

Elemoose Springfield, MO

Features: Accounting- Production Management

This truly custom shop needed an ERP that could help them transform their processes and keep on top of their job costs.

Industrial Machinery & Equipment

REELEX Patterson, NY

Features: Inventory Management- Project Management- Quote-to-Order

Reelex needed an ERP for high-volume production runs, and a system that could handle the company’s custom packaging machine manufacturing, as well as their services.

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