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Gain real-time visibility to effortlessly track and manage every job in your shop. Jumpstart your production processes with our intuitive project management software.

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Genius Project Management

With real-time data and dashboards, our project management software allows you to plan and track the progress of every project in your shop to stay informed about job status at all times. Assess overrun risks with tools including budget management, milestone management, payment planning and revenue recognition. Plan labor capacity utilization based on your resources by considering efficiency, calendar and overtime. Schedule hours by competencies or department — all without completing the routing details in your BOMs.

Progress Oversight

Milestone management

Oversee all activities that need to be completed to deliver a job on time. Add milestones related to materials, customer approvals and deliverables, as well as easily set priorities for each department in your organization based on your actual constraints, capacities and the jobs you have on the go. Real-time visibility lets you track and manage key indicators, ensuring that projects are completed on time. Be alerted when a project misses a milestone to quickly get it back on track.

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Resource Management

Budget and labor management

From estimation to job completion, track budgets and progress based on initial, revised and current budgets and group task progress by cost category for high-level budget monitoring. Using the multi-project screen to update all budget information makes tracking and monitoring costs easy and efficient. The labor dashboard lets you plan and monitor employee hours in order to know the employee load for each cost category and better plan your labor scheduling.

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Instant Visibility

Project tracking

High-level visibility and real-time data let you effortlessly monitor the progress of every project you have on the go, letting you know instantly if a project is on schedule or at risk of delay. Assign a project manager to each project to track the progress of customer transactions, including quotes, sales orders, invoicing and payments, as well as cost progress based on your budget. Knowing who is responsible for each job will increase the efficiency and productivity of your shop.

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Key Features and Functionalities

Use our full range of project management features to track and manage all of your jobs in real-time to increase production efficiency. To save time, get a jump start on production by purchasing long-lead items before completing a BOM with the Preliminary Purchase List tool. Manage milestones, labor, budgets, projects and jobs with one connected system.

  • Real-time, fully-integrated system provides high-level visibility
  • Milestone management to track job progression
  • Budget management with batch budget updater
  • Labor dashboard
  • Long Lead Time Project Management
  • Complete preliminary purchases before completing a manufacturing BOM
  • Auto-merging for preliminary purchase & Manufacturing BOM
  • Project accounting by item
  • Cost-Plus or Fixed-Price Project Capability
  • Payment planning and revenue recognition
  • Project tracking

Built for the people who use it

Whether you are an engineer, production manager, accountant or CEO, Genius ERP has the solutions you need to get the job done right.

Production Managers

Maximize efficiency. Minimize stress.

Keep on top of everything — resources, labor, budgets, machine time, plant flow and shop capacity — to get more jobs out the door on time. High-level visibility, real-time data and milestone management give you the tools to effectively manage and oversee your shop. Stay on top of your budget, improve shop efficiency and deliver more jobs on time with Genius Project Management.

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Case studies

We’re honored to help hard-working manufacturers grow

Whether you’re looking for your first ERP, or you need a replacement solution, manufacturers just like you have realized the benefits of implementing Genius ERP.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Excel an ERP?

No, Excel is a robust business tool, but it is not an ERP system. There are several drawbacks with Excel, including data security and accuracy, limited connectivity, potential human errors, and inefficiency, which make it unsuitable to serve as an ERP system within a manufacturing environment.

A fully integrated solution like an ERP provides manufacturers with better data control and enhances critical business processes and decision-making, leading to smoother and more efficient operations.

What is a "magic spreadsheet"?

A “magic spreadsheet” refers to a master spreadsheet, typically managed by a single individual, which manufacturers often rely on to manage their business operations. Despite its nickname, it is not magical and is an inadequate method for organizing and overseeing a custom manufacturing shop. Avoid using such spreadsheets, and opt fo an ERP system to ensure optimal organization and efficiency.

How can I manage projects better with an ERP?

Implementing an ERP system can significantly improve your overall operational efficiency by streamlining processes and ensuring projects are completed on time.

An ERP system effectively manages all facets of your manufacturing operations, including inventory, scheduling and so much more, giving you the ability to oversee your entire shop and allows for better planning and execution of projects. Real-time data lets you monitor and manage every project you are working on, and deliver jobs on time and within budget. Overall, an ERP system empowers you to optimize resources, streamline workflows, and achieve greater success in project management.

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