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Project Management

Save time and meet delivery targets reliably with intuitive purchasing, including for long-lead items ahead of BOM.

Genius Project Management

Effective project management comes from the real-time visibility and tracking Genius ERP provides.

Ahead out the gates

With the Preliminary Purchase List tool, accessible in the estimates and bill of manufacturing (BOM) screen. This is particularly beneficial for an engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturer, as they can purchase long-lead items prior to completing a BOM.

Move beyond the whiteboard

Plan labor capacity utilization based on finite resources taking into consideration efficiency, calendar and overtime.

Schedule hours by competencies or department, without having to complete routing details in BOMs.

Real time visual progression captured from your plan and installation site.

Add milestones related to your material, customer approval and deliveries.

Genius Project Management features:

  • Manage long-lead items for projects and jobs
  • Complete preliminary purchases before completing a manufacturing BOM
  • Once a BOM is finalized, automatically merge the preliminary purchase list with the manufacturing Bill of Materials
  • Save time, avoid errors, increase efficiency, and boost productivity

REELEX Corporation

Patterson, NY
Equipment Manufacturing

As the inventors of the REELEX system, this SME handles every aspect of their product line. They needed a system that could as well. With Genius ERP, their entire team benefits from having oversight of “the entire structure around production.”

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Features of Interest

Rest API

Connect 3rd-party applications, websites and custom programs to share real-time information with dealers and customers.

Product Engineering

Take CAD designs, transform them into BOMs and RFQs, save engineering time and reduce data entry and production errors.


With just one system, connect finances, production, and all payment info to a specific job for easy tracking.

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