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Today’s complex manufacturing environment requires cutting-edge solutions. Integrating specialized software tools and applications with Genius ERP can help you achieve significant process improvements and enhance your overall operations.

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Integrations let you combine purpose-built software applications with Genius ERP to create a system customized to meet your unique needs. Seamlessly connecting expert tools and systems with Genius ERP helps you streamline processes, enhance collaboration and gain real-time insights to optimize your operations, boost efficiency and gain a competitive edge.



Our industry-leading CAD connection seamlessly integrates SOLIDWORKS with Genius ERP to boost efficiency, accelerate product development and reduce errors. Enhance collaboration, streamline product lifecycle management, optimize production planning, ensure accurate inventory tracking and create a fully itemized BOM with a click of a button.

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Autodesk Inventor

Get unparalleled efficiency and precision with our seamless integration that merges the advanced 3D design capabilities of Autodesk Inventor with Genius ERP’s comprehensive manufacturing solutions. Synchronize product data, accelerate design-to-production timelines, optimize resource allocation and enhance collaboration with our CAD2BOM integration.

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Quoting Software


Turbo-charge your quoting with SecturaSOFT’s robust metal fabrication quoting capabilities. Access digital quotes around the clock, effortlessly converting them into work orders and invoices. Our seamless integration lets you quickly and accurately create a quote, not only saving time for both your team and customers but helping you win more business.

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Tax Management


Streamline complex tax calculations, reporting and compliance with Avalara, a leading provider of tax compliance automation software. Automate tax processes, saving time and resources, while ensuring full compliance with tax regulations. Manufacturers who sell or operate in the United States will experience increased efficiency, reduced risks and improved financial accuracy with our Avalara integration.

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Integrations in all shapes and sizes

A few short years ago, there were only a handful of essential business apps. But now, there are hundreds of specialized technologies and applications, large and small, to help you boost your business and manufacturing operations. No matter the size, Genius ERP seamlessly integrates with specialized solutions to give you the tailored support you need to ensure your business thrives.

From streamlining intricate manufacturing processes to optimizing financial operations, Genius ERP seamlessly integrates with a myriad of specialized solutions, letting you stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive market.


Engineering integrations

Save your engineering department time and create products faster with leading-edge engineering software integrations. Merging advanced engineering tools with Genius ERP’s end-to-end manufacturing solutions enhances design precision, accelerates product development and ensures seamless collaboration. From 3D modeling to electrical design, these integrations optimize workflows, boost productivity and empower you to be more innovative, efficient and competitive.


Accounting integrations

Streamline financial processes, automate payroll and ensure accurate tax compliance with best-in-class financial and accounting software integrations. From managing accounts to handling payroll, these specialized integrations will save your accounting department time, optimize efficiency, reduce errors and empower you to maintain meticulous financial control and enhance your overall business performance.


Nesting integrations

Our seamless integration with cutting-edge nesting software systems optimizes material usage, reduces waste and enhances precision in cutting and machining processes. Streamline operations, minimize costs and boost overall productivity to ensure you stay competitive and profitable.


CRM integrations

Sync orders between your CRM and Genius ERP with ease. By seamlessly linking customer relationship management tools to Genius, you will gain a 360-degree view of your clients. Enhance communication, optimize sales processes, and foster stronger customer relationships. By streamlining your operations, you will ensure personalized service, boost sales and drive overall business growth.

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Common integrations:
Salesforce Zoho


Shipping & logistics integrations

Partnerships with industry giants like UPS and FedEx make shipping your products easier. Optimize your shipping processes to ensure speedy deliveries and real-time tracking. Our shipping and logistics integrations enhance order fulfillment, reduce shipping errors and improve customer satisfaction.

Worker Unloading Truck at Warehouse Loading Dock
Common integrations:
FedEx UPS Axya

DMS & Reporting

Reporting integrations

The right data drives your business forward. Advanced analytics, documentation management and reporting integrations will improve your data management and business intelligence. Seamlessly linking platforms that enhance document organization, analytical insights and reporting accuracy with Genius ERP will help you make better and more informed decisions to take your business to the next level.

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Don’t see the integration
you’re looking for?

Use our Rest API feature to connect 3rd-party applications, websites or custom software you need, giving you the ERP that is right for you.

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Genius ERP is more than software: We’re a complete solution that combines best-in-class software with outstanding customer service and support — all backed by industry experts.

We will be with you every step of the way to help you get Genius ERP up and running at a pace that makes sense for your busy shop.

But it doesn’t stop there — we stick around to offer you industry-leading customer support to ensure your shop is always running at full capacity. Our experts know your business and will work hand-in-hand with you to help you grow it.

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