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How to schedule your shop floor better (Watch our free webinar)

Genius ERP: ready out-of-the-box for custom manufacturing.

Looking for tips on how to schedule your shop floor better to be more productive and get more jobs completed on time?

Check out our free Smart Scheduling webinar where you will learn how our new Smart Scheduling feature can revolutionize the way you schedule your shop.  

What is Smart Scheduling?

Smart Scheduling is the only DBR (or Drum-Buffer-Rope) scheduling system built into an ERP system. What this means is that you can take advantage of all the features of an ERP, plus DBR scheduling in one system.

Our Smart Scheduling tool is based on the Theory of Constraints, and Instead of using complicated algorithms that churn out inaccurate schedules, Smart Scheduling will zero in on the heartbeat of your shop, and schedule everything around that heartbeat.

Classic Scheduling Systems versus Smart Scheduling


Classic scheduling systems don’t work in busy custom manufacturing shops—they might work in theory—but in reality a custom shop has too many moving pieces for traditional scheduling to handle. As a custom manufacturer, it’s impossible to have the consistent, accurate and reliable data that a traditional scheduling system requires. 


So instead of accurate data, you have to rely on estimates, averages and best guesses, and then hope that your classic scheduling software can come up with a workable schedule. But, because the schedule is based off of inexactness, it isn’t accurate and you often end up needing to rework the schedule, meaning you are constantly scrambling, just trying to keep up. Traditional scheduling also can’t deal with shifting priorities, so one change means unknown and very real consequences that throw your shop off.

Smart Scheduling, on the other hand, looks at your shop to identify your Drum—usually the most limited resource and most consistent bottleneck in the shop—which actually sets the pace of production. Smart Scheduling then prioritizes the drum, and using a system of Buffers and Ropes, makes sure your shop is always running at maximum capacity

Smart Scheduling means:

1. Better project management;

2. Decreased lead time;

3. Increased throughput;

4. A more harmonious and aligned shop;

5. Increased customer satisfaction;

6. Reduced WIP; and

7. Increased cash flow.


 Watch our free Smart Scheduling Webinar

Want to learn more about how to revolutionize your shop floor schedule? Watch our free webinar here and see Smart Scheduling in action, and what it can do for you.

By watching the webinar you will learn:

  • The future of scheduling for custom manufacturers;
  • Industry best practices;
  • What is DBR scheduling;
  • Classic scheduling systems vs Smart Scheduling;
  • An overview of our Smart Scheduling system and how to use it;
  • Benefits of Smart Scheduling; and
  • See a quick demo of the system in action.

Want to get Smart Scheduling into your shop? Book a free demo today.

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