Beyond Your ERP Implementation

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There are countless stories out there, both good and bad, about the challenges of implementing a new ERP system. I’m sure you’ve come across dos’ and don’t lists, articles offering tips and tricks for a successful implementation, or advice from experts on how to make your implementation go smoothly. We’ve written about this at least once. Or twice

But why does no one talk about what happens after implementation? 

Well, the wait is over: Today, we’ll dive into what happens after an ERP implementation and why it holds the key to long-term success for your business.

After Your ERP Implementation

What often goes unsaid is that your ERP journey doesn’t end at implementation; it’s just the beginning. The time after an implementation project is just as important — or even more important — than the implementation itself. This is when you will set yourself up for long-term success and learn to use the full potential of your ERP system.

Building a Long-Term Partnership

Your ERP system is not a fleeting investment but a long-term commitment that can span up to 15 years. This means that your relationship with your ERP provider significantly impacts the success of your business. As your company changes and grows over the years, so do your needs, and this is where your post-implementation journey truly begins.

Many companies implement a new ERP system during a phase of growth, which is great. But growth brings about changes. What wasn’t a concern a year ago may become a critical issue today: New challenges and business needs will crop up, and adapting your ERP system to these challenges is vital for sustained success.

When selecting an ERP system, it’s not just about addressing your current needs. It’s about envisioning where your company will be in five years and selecting a system that can evolve with you. The system you choose should be able to change and grow as your business grows.



An ERP system is not a one-and-done process. It’s a continuous journey of improvement, one of learning how to use your system to continue to meet your business’s changing needs. As your company grows, new challenges emerge, and your ERP system needs to adapt to meet these challenges.

This evolution involves planning for solutions, learning how to use them, and deploying these new ERP features and solutions. This cycle is a continuous process and will repeat as your business grows. 

But the hard truth is that the more you grow, the more you need, and unfortunately, the more you pay. Initially planned for software purchase and support, your budget can quickly escalate beyond projections as new features and knowledge are needed — causing friction between you and your ERP provider.

Genius ERP’s Innovative Approach

Genius ERP has recognized the challenges posed by this typical journey and has developed innovative solutions to ensure a smoother experience. In addition to the outstanding technical support we offer our customers, we have created innovative solutions that let us build long and successful partnerships with our customers. 

Genius Academy

Giving you the knowledge you need.

To address the need for continuous learning, Genius ERP created Genius Academy, our self-learning platform. This platform provides easy and accessible knowledge for users, allowing them to explore usage or process-related questions at their own pace. 

The platform includes byte-size learning, enabling users to focus on specific modules as new needs arise. Genius Academy empowers users to explore new features and functionalities independently (and at a reduced cost in comparison to consulting fees), fostering a culture of self-improvement and helping manufacturers get the knowledge they need to tackle their new challenges.

In addition to its comprehensive self-learning platform, Genius Academy offers an exclusive opportunity for users to engage directly with an ERP expert, posing any ERP-related questions they may have, and bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Genius ERP customers can log in three times a week and interact with these experts, ensuring immediate responses to their questions.

Genius Academy also plays a crucial role in facilitating the onboarding process for new hires. Through Genius Academy, new employees receive focused training to help them get up-to-speed and ready to tackle their new roles and responsibilities. By leveraging Genius Academy, companies can efficiently transfer essential ERP-related knowledge to new team members right from the start, enabling a smoother integration into the organization’s workflows and processes. This strategic approach streamlines onboarding, ensuring every team member has the necessary tools to contribute to the company’s success.

Customer Success

Helping you reach your goals.

Genius ERP’s Customer Success department is focused on managing your evolution as you grow and ensuring that you meet your goals. This includes regular business reviews, defining success plans, and providing webinars on various topics to increase your knowledge about Genius ERP and new trends in the manufacturing industry.

Genius ERP’s Customer Success team goes the extra mile to foster a proactive and collaborative relationship with each customer. They act as strategic partners, understanding the unique challenges and opportunities specific to your business. By maintaining open lines of communication, they address any concerns, queries, or evolving needs that may arise during your journey with Genius ERP.

Business Reviews: A Unique Commitment

Genius ERP regularly conducts business reviews, a practice not typical for all ERP software providers. These reviews, held one to four times a year, ensure alignment, assess system performance, and discuss your vision for the next five years. The ultimate goal is to create a success plan that will guide your ongoing growth success with Genius ERP.



Your story doesn’t end with ERP implementation; it’s an ongoing journey of growth, adaptation, and success. Genius ERP’s commitment to providing personalized support and innovative learning tools reflects a dedication to your journey beyond the implementation phase. 

To dive deeper into our unique approach, please watch our webinar: Beyond ERP Implementation.

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