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Article - June 09,2023

Marketing for Manufacturers: Social Media 101

Customer Relations - Marketing

Social media may have started as a platform for personal connections and entertainment, but it is now a robust business marketing tool.

Article - May 31,2023

ERP Solutions for Metal Fabricators

Analytics & Reporting - Engineering - Inventory - Production Planning

To stay ahead of the competition, metal fabricators need streamlined operations, optimized workflows and efficient resource management.

Article - May 26,2023

Marketing for Manufacturers: How To Stand Out at Trade Shows

Customer Relations - Marketing

Read on to find out ten actionable steps that you can take to stand out at trade shows and achieve your business goals.

Article - May 25,2023

Genius gets even better with the release of V15 – out now!

Genius News

Genius is proud to work for and with manufacturers. Every spring we will be releasing new versions that add new features, greater depth, and more web-available modules. See what's new for V15.

eBooks - May 23,2023

The Ultimate Guide to ERPs for Custom Manufacturers

Custom Manufacturing - ERP - Implementation

ERPs are the gold standard within the manufacturing industry for a reason: Nothing streamlines business processes, provides accurate real-time data and reduces costs better than an ERP system.

Article - May 19,2023

How To Set the Right Timeline for Your ERP Project

Implementation - Scheduling

Purchasing an ERP system is a project — and needs to be managed like one to ensure a successful rollout. Establishing an organized and structured approach, along with a defined timeline, is crucial to completing your project and successfully implementing an ERP system.

Webinars - May 16,2023

Integrations: A Case Study in Nesting Software

ERP - Integration

Learn about the benefits of software integrations with Genius ERP, and how they can enhance your business processes. Discover the real-world advantages of integration through a case study presentation of nesting software Sigmanest and Genius ERP.

Article - May 12,2023

How Much Automation Is Right for You?

Engineering - Product Development - Shop Floor

As manufacturers seek ways to improve efficiency and lower expenses, automation, Industry 4.0 and other connected manufacturing solutions are gaining in popularity.

Article - May 05,2023

How to Embrace Change (Even When It Is Difficult)

Customer Relations - Management

Given that the world is changing at an ever-increasing pace, manufacturers often find it difficult to stay up-to-date with new trends and emerging technologies.

Article - May 03,2023

Genius ERP Partners With Secturasoft To Help You Turbocharge Your Quotes

Accounting - Analytics & Reporting - Genius News

Genius ERP is excited to announce our new partnership with SecturaSOFT, the fast and robust quoting and estimating platform created for metal fabricators, that will allow our customers to save time, create better quotes and win more business. 

Article - April 28,2023

Marketing for Manufacturers: 10 Tips To Make Your Website Stand Out

Management - Marketing

‍Your website serves as your calling card in the modern business world, meaning it must be accurate, informative, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

Article - April 26,2023

ERP Solutions for Transportation Manufacturers

Analytics & Reporting - Inventory - Product Configurator

Transportation manufacturers have been trusting Genius ERP for over 30 years to make them more efficient, profitable, and productive.

Article - April 21,2023

Earth Day Special: 5 Ways Manufacturers Can Become More Sustainable

Industry News

Sustainable manufacturing is the practice of manufacturing products with the least amount of environmental impact possible. By adopting this approach, manufacturers can maximize a product's advantages while minimizing its negative effects on the environment.

Article - April 14,2023

Marketing for Manufacturers: How To Use PPC and Google Ads to Market Your Business

Management - Marketing

‍SEO is a valuable tool that can increase online visibility and brand awareness and is part of a smart digital marketing strategy — but SEO is not always a guarantee. 

Webinars - April 12,2023

Setting the Right Timeline for ERP Implementation


Have you always wanted to know the timeline you need to follow to reach a successful Go-live for your ERP implementation project?

Article - April 11,2023

Genius ERP Is a Noteworthy Product on Capterra’s Shortlist of Best ERP Software

Genius News - Industry News

Genius ERP has been named one of the best enterprise resource planning software systems in North America by Capterra. 

Article - April 06,2023

Reduce Operational Costs With an ERP

Accounting - Custom Manufacturing - Job Costing

Custom manufacturers, now more than ever, are looking for ways to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs while continuing to meet customer needs and business objectives. Find out how how you can streamlines your operations and reduces costs.

Article - March 31,2023

How To Protect Your Manufacturing Business From Hacking and Cyberattacks

Custom Manufacturing - Industry News - Management

Recent high-profile ransomware attacks — including on Indigo, Canada’s largest bookseller, the Royal Mail in the UK, and CEFCO convenience stores in the southern United States — have put cybercrime back in the news.

Article - March 24,2023

Marketing for Manufacturers: Email Marketing 101

Customer Relations - Marketing

The latest installment in our Marketing for Manufacturers series will teach you everything you need to know about email marketing and how to use it in your manufacturing business to boost leads and sales.

Article - March 17,2023

ERP Solutions for Machine Engineering and Equipment Manufacturers

Product Configurator - Purchasing - Quality Control

Machine engineering and equipment manufacturing requires a high degree of technical expertise and innovation, lots of inventory and machinary, and complicated processes — all of which make it a challenging enterprise.

Webinars - March 16,2023

Concurrent Engineering in an ETO Shop

Custom Manufacturing - Engineering

Learn how concurrent engineering tools and techniques are integrated as standard functionalities in Genius ERP, leading to improved productivity and reduced costs in your ETO shop.

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