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Article - March 08,2024

How to Identify Bottlenecks in your Manufacturing Process

Custom Manufacturing - Scheduling - Shop Floor

Bottlenecks—all manufacturers have to deal with, and they can effectively grind your operations to a halt, causing you to deliver orders late, and even costing you business altogether.

Coworkers discussing Production in plastic recycling factory
Article - March 01,2024

The Genius ERP Approach to Streamlining MTO Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing - Engineering - ERP - Production Planning - Shop Floor

In Make-to-Order (MTO) manufacturing, products are only manufactured after receiving a customer's order.

manufacturer with glasses looking at screen
Article - March 01,2024

Improve MTS Production With Genius ERP

Custom Manufacturing - ERP - Production Planning

In Make-to-Stock (MTS) manufacturing, companies predict demand for their products and manufacture goods in advance, storing them in inventory until they are sold.

A Brief History of ERP
Article - February 28,2024

A Brief History of ERP

ERP - Industry News

ERP software systems have deep roots in the manufacturing industry, but many manufacturers still have trouble understanding exactly what an ERP is and does.

hand reaching out holding dirt, sustainable icons green background
Article - February 23,2024

What is Green Manufacturing? (Plus 5 Steps to a Greener Future)

Custom Manufacturing - ERP

Green manufacturing, also known as sustainable manufacturing, focuses on producing goods in a way that minimizes environmental impacts while maximizing resource efficiency.

man inspecting piping with Genius ERP and Axya logos
Webinars - February 22,2024

Optimize Your Supply Chain: LaserAx and Axya Case Study

Genius News - Integration - Purchasing

See our new partnership with Axya in action. Axya’s co-founder, Nicolas Gauthier, will be on hand to show you how we have teamed up to make managing supply chains easier.

man's face on youtube video screen
Article - February 21,2024

Genius ERP’s Ben Van de Velde Featured on Data-Driven Supply Chain Podcast with Axya

Custom Manufacturing - Genius News - Integration

Genius ERP’s Ben Van de Velde was featured in the January episode of Axya’s Data-Driven Supply Chain Podcast.

three people looking at an iPad
Article - February 16,2024

Simplify Your Sales Processes With Genius ERP’s Product Configurator

Custom Manufacturing - Product Configurator

Your products aren’t one-size-fits-all. As a custom manufacturer, everything you build is tailored to meet your customers' exacting needs.

workers looking at an iPad screen
Article - February 09,2024

Everything You Need To Know About ERP Integrations

Custom Manufacturing - ERP - Integration - Scheduling

ERPs are awesome. They act as a centralized hub for your business and are the foundation for your manufacturing operations.

Global Payments and Genius ERP logo
Article - February 08,2024

Genius ERP Announces Partnership with Global Payments

Genius News - Integration

Genius ERP is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Global Payments, one of the world's largest payment technology providers.

Broken chain link. The concept of data protection technology.
Webinars - January 23,2024

The Customization Paradox: Turnkey vs. Open-Source ERP Solutions

ERP - Management

Struggling to find the right ERP for your unique manufacturing needs? Our vision, values and best practices, honed from 30 years of working with manufacturers in an ever-evolving ERP world, will help guide your search to find the best ERP solution for you.

erp cartoon monitor with dashboard graphs
Article - January 19,2024

A Beginner’s Guide to Manufacturing ERPs

Custom Manufacturing - Engineering - Product Configurator

With so many enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions available and boasting diverse features and functionalities, finding the best fit for your unique manufacturing needs can be difficult.

axya partnership banner english
Article - January 12,2024

Reduce Supply Chain Risk: Genius ERP Announces New Partnership With Axya

Genius News - Integration

Genius ERP is excited to announce that we have teamed up with Axya to improve how manufacturing companies manage their supply chains. Axya brings innovative technological solutions to the table, aiming to make supply chain management easier and more efficient.

Worker measuring metal part in factory
Article - December 15,2023

How Genius ERP Optimizes CTO Jobs

Custom Manufacturing - Engineering - Product Configurator

In custom manufacturing, every project is unique, making the ability to accurately estimate and manage costs crucial.

6 Ways to Improve Throughput
Article - December 08,2023

6 Ways to Improve Throughput

Production Planning - Scheduling - Shop Floor

You know your shop needs to run at full capacity to remain profitable and competitive. But do you know if it actually does? As a manufacturer, throughput in production can mean the difference between meeting quotas and losing customers to your competition.

genius implementation process datasheet cover
Datasheets - December 07,2023

Genius ERP Implementation Process

Engineering - Management - Shop Floor

Our implementation team will work hand-in-hand with the employees at your company who will use the ERP software on a daily basis, carefully instructing them on how to best apply our ERP solution to your processes, to realize real results.

top floor to shop floor datasheet cover
Datasheets - December 07,2023

Genius ERP fits Custom Manufacturing from Top Floor to Shop Floor

Engineering - Management - Shop Floor

The only constant in custom manufacturing is change. Your competitiveness depends on how you handle it. Genius ERP is built to manage all design-to-delivery steps on one connected platform.

cost analysis cartoon illustration
Article - December 01,2023

Job Costing 101

ERP - Job Costing - Shop Floor

In custom manufacturing, every project is unique, making the ability to accurately estimate and manage costs crucial.

jennison case study headshot
Article - November 24,2023

Empowering Job Shops: Genius ERP Helps Jennison Manufacturing Grow

Customer Relations - Genius News - Implementation - Marketing

Founded in 1983 by Tom Jennison, Jennison Manufacturing Group stands as a beacon of precision, quality and commitment.

genius path datasheet cover
Datasheets - November 21,2023

Genius Path

ERP - Genius News - Implementation

Whether you call it MTO, CTO, or ETO, if you are a high-mix, low-volume custom manufacturer, Genius ERP was built specifically to help you increase your throughput and grow your business. See how Genius ERP supports you every step of the way.

cad2bom datasheet cover
Datasheets - November 20,2023

CAD2BOM Engineering

Engineering - Product Development - Production Planning

Our industry-leading CAD connection allows for true concurrent engineering with progressive release, so you can be manufacturing the first phase of a project while you are still engineering later stages.

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