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In Make-to-Stock (MTS) manufacturing, companies predict demand for their products and manufacture goods in advance, storing them in inventory until they are sold. The main goal of MTS is to have products readily available so that customer orders can be filled quickly without any delays.

In contrast to Make-to-Order (MTO) or Configure-to-Order (CTO) manufacturing, MTS offers shorter lead times since products are manufactured in advance. MTS manufacturers also rely on maintaining inventory to fulfill anticipated demand, while MTO and CTO minimize inventory by making or assembling products only as needed.

Understanding MTS Manufacturing

Make-to-Stock manufacturers typically produce goods based on demand forecasts rather than specific customer orders. MTS is commonly used in industries such as consumer goods, automotive, and electronics, where demand for products is relatively stable, and customers expect prompt delivery of standardized products. 

While this production strategy offers benefits such as reduced lead times and enhanced customer service, it requires careful demand forecasting and efficient inventory management. 

The main characteristics of Make-to-Stock manufacturing include:

Forecast-Based Production: Instead of waiting for customer orders to initiate production, MTS manufacturers use demand forecasts and historical sales data to predict future demand. Based on these forecasts, they produce goods in advance and maintain inventory levels to fulfill anticipated orders.

Standardized Products: Make-to-Stock manufacturing is best suited for products with relatively stable demand and standardized specifications. Since goods are produced in anticipation of demand, MTS manufacturers typically have a fixed range of products with consistent features and configurations.

Short Lead Times: By producing goods in advance and storing them in inventory, MTS manufacturers can minimize lead times and respond quickly to customer orders. This enables faster order fulfillment and shorter delivery times, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Top Genius ERP Features for MTS Manufacturing

ERP systems are invaluable for Make-to-Stock manufacturers as they provide comprehensive tools for demand forecasting, inventory management, production planning, resource allocation, and more. 

Genius ERP caters to the unique requirements of the MTS manufacturing process. With our advanced features and functionalities, MTS manufacturers can accurately predict demand, maintain optimal inventory levels, improve production processes, and manage resources efficiently. This results in shorter wait times for manufacturing, smoother operations, and enhanced customer service. In the end, MTS manufacturers become more competitive and profitable with Genius ERP.

Demand Forecasting and Planning

Accurate demand forecasting is crucial for make-to-stock manufacturers to optimize inventory levels and production schedules. 

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Genius ERP helps MTS manufacturers with demand forecasting by providing access to historical data and letting MTS manufacturers track performance, as well as analyze market trends and other relevant factors. This helps in planning production volumes, raw material procurement, and optimizing resource allocation.

Inventory Management

Effective inventory management is essential to ensure that the right amount of stock is available to meet demand without excessive overstocking or stockouts. 

Genius ERP provides comprehensive inventory management functionalities, including real-time tracking of inventory levels, automated reorder points, inventory valuation methods, lot and serial number tracking, and integration with suppliers for seamless replenishment.

Production Planning and Scheduling

Make-to-stock manufacturing involves planning production runs based on anticipated demand rather than specific customer orders. 

Genius ERP includes advanced production planning and scheduling capabilities to optimize production efficiency while minimizing costs and lead times. We can help MTS manufacturers with capacity planning, machine scheduling, production line balancing, and the ability to generate optimal production schedules based on demand forecasts, available resources, and production constraints.

Take a Virtual Tour 

In addition to these key features, make-to-stock manufacturers also benefit from other ERP functionalities such as quality management, supply chain management and financial management to streamline operations, improve decision-making, and drive business growth. Take a virtual tour of Genius ERP to see how it helps MTS manufacturers every step of the way.

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