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Article - September 29,2023

Genius ERP Now Includes Integrated Credit Card Processing

Customer Relations - ERP - Genius News

An ERP system with integrated credit card processing is an indispensable tool for streamlining financial processes and creating better customer experiences.

Article - September 22,2023

How to Manage Change with an ERP System

ERP - Implementation - Management

Learning how to manage change effectively is what turns a promising new idea into a successful reality.

Article - September 21,2023

Fabtech 2023 Wrap Up

Engineering - Genius News - Industry News

The Genius ERP team wrapped up a fantastic week at Fabtech Chicago 2023.

Webinars - September 20,2023

SecturaSOFT x Genius ERP

Engineering - Integration - Job Costing

See how SecturaFAB integrates seamlessly with Genius ERP and simplifies the complex task of recognizing dimensions, designs, cut lengths, angles and more from diverse source files — to identify the quantities of raw materials you need to prepare accurate quotes and BOMs.

Article - September 12,2023

He’s finally been $#@&ing traded – Genius ERP acquires Denis Lemieux from Chiefs

Genius News - Industry News

Genius ERP is proud to announce that they have acquired goaltender Denis Lemieux from the Charlestown Chiefs in exchange for future considerations, a skate sharpener and 8 hours of Zamboni maintenance.

Article - September 08,2023

Best Practices for Onboarding a New Hire in the Manufacturing Industry

Analytics & Reporting - Engineering - Scheduling

Onboarding a new employee in the manufacturing industry is a crucial process that sets the tone for their entire tenure with your company.

Article - September 04,2023

Labor Day Special: Labor Issues in the Manufacturing Industry in 2023

Custom Manufacturing - ERP - Industry News

Labor issues continue to vex manufacturers, with labor shortages remaining one of the biggest struggles within the industry.

Article - September 01,2023

Is it Time to Upgrade Your ERP?

Custom Manufacturing - ERP

If you've noticed that your current ERP software is running slower or less efficiently than it used to, or if you're facing challenges with your existing processes or data management, it might be a sign that an ERP upgrade is in order.

Article - August 18,2023

How ERPs Drive Success for Every Type of Manufacturer

Custom Manufacturing - ERP

In the intricate world of manufacturing, there are many different ways that a product can be built.

Webinars - August 16,2023

Marketing for Manufacturers

Analytics & Reporting - Management - Marketing

Learn how to use marketing to grow your business. Discover the key marketing metrics you can easily implement to measure the impact of your marketing strategies. 

Article - August 11,2023

Stay Ahead of Your Competition With an ERP

Customer Relations - Integration - Scheduling

ERP software is an essential tool for manufacturers. However, simply having an ERP system is no longer enough.

Article - August 04,2023

How to Champion Change in Your Organization


Change has been on our minds a lot lately. Maybe it’s because the last few years have taught us that the ability to pivot and change is a necessary skill that all businesses, especially manufacturers, need to have.

Article - July 28,2023

Marketing for Manufacturers: Do You Need a Marketing Agency?

Management - Marketing

Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of any business, including small- to medium-sized manufacturing companies—especially if you want to grow your business.

Article - July 28,2023

How to Future-Proof Your Manufacturing Business

Analytics & Reporting - Integration

The last few years have been challenging, to say the least, for manufacturers — and economic uncertainty still lurks.

Article - July 14,2023

What Is Predictive Maintenance (+ How To Use It in Your Shop)

Product Development - Quality Control - Shop Floor

With equipment downtime, maintenance costs and unexpected breakdowns posing significant challenges, custom manufacturers are increasingly turning to predictive maintenance to improve efficiency and control costs.

Article - July 07,2023

8 Amazing Things You Can Do with an ERP: A Guide for Small- to Mid-sized Custom Manufacturers

Analytics & Reporting - Engineering - Scheduling

ERPs are the industry gold standard for a reason—no other tool revolutionizes your manufacturing operations or uses accurate real-time data to streamline business processes like an ERP. 

Article - June 30,2023

How to Finance an ERP Project in Quebec

ERP - Industry News

Investing in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is one of the biggest projects that a manufacturing company will ever take on.

Article - June 23,2023

Marketing for Manufacturers: YouTube on a Shoestring Budget

Customer Relations - Marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of YouTube for marketing your manufacturing business. YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine with over two billion active users—giving you a tremendous opportunity to show off your company and connect with customers.

Article - June 16,2023

ERP Solutions for Pressure Vessel and Tank Manufacturers

Production Planning - Purchasing - Quality Control

Pressure vessel and tank manufacturing is a complex and highly regulated industry that requires careful management of production processes.

Webinars - June 15,2023

Budgeting for an ERP Implementation Project

Accounting - Implementation

Learn how to budget properly for your ERP implementation project. Our team will take you through the various steps of an ERP project and break down the costs for you.

Article - June 09,2023

Marketing for Manufacturers: Social Media 101

Customer Relations - Marketing

Social media may have started as a platform for personal connections and entertainment, but it is now a robust business marketing tool.

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