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genius shop floor datasheet cover
Datasheets - November 16,2023

Genius Shop Floor

Production Planning - Shop Floor

Your shop floor is the heart of your business - make sure it is connected to your wholeoperation with Genius Shop Floor. Maximize your shop's coordination and collaboration and getyour company firing on all cylinders.

credit card close up image for business content.
Webinars - November 15,2023

Credit Card Processing

Accounting - Genius News - Management

In 2023, rising interest rates and economic instability are causing people to be more cautious with their cash flow, leading to delayed customer payments. Join our latest webinar to learn how Genius ERP’s newest feature, instant credit card transactions, can solve this problem, streamline finances and improve customer experiences.

three tier diagram
Article - November 03,2023

A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing the Right ERP Tier for Your Custom Manufacturing Business

ERP - Implementation - Industry News

Managing resources, streamlining processes and delivering high-quality products on time and budget is essential for custom manufacturing companies.

How to Budget for an ERP Implementation Project
Article - October 23,2023

How to Budget for an ERP Implementation Project

Accounting - ERP - Implementation

Implementing a new ERP system is one of the most extensive — and expensive — projects you can take on as a manufacturer.

Red metallic gears on a grid with hatched schematics . This image is a 3D render.
Webinars - October 18,2023

Product Configurator

Engineering - ERP - Product Development

Our Product Configurator can make it easier for your sales team to create accurate, profitable quotes without any involvement from your engineers or product team. This webinar will show you how to reduce the time and knowledge required to create quotes and sales orders with the Genius’ Product Configurator.

Happy manual workers talking while working together at steel factory.
Article - October 06,2023

Manufacturing Day 2023: 7 Facts You Should Know About the Manufacturing Industry

Custom Manufacturing - Genius News - Industry News

Manufacturing Day is a day for manufacturers to open their doors and inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

credit card processing icon
Article - September 29,2023

Genius ERP Now Includes Integrated Credit Card Processing

Customer Relations - Genius News

An ERP system with integrated credit card processing is an indispensable tool for streamlining financial processes and creating better customer experiences.

3D illustration of many arrows changing way on kraft paper. Structural Reorganization Background.
Article - September 22,2023

How to Manage Change with an ERP System

ERP - Implementation - Management

Learning how to manage change effectively is what turns a promising new idea into a successful reality.

secturaSOFT logo orange
Webinars - September 20,2023

SecturaSOFT x Genius ERP

Engineering - Integration - Job Costing

See how SecturaFAB integrates seamlessly with Genius ERP and simplifies the complex task of recognizing dimensions, designs, cut lengths, angles and more from diverse source files — to identify the quantities of raw materials you need to prepare accurate quotes and BOMs.

denis lemieux video thumbnail mic being pinned to jersey
Article - September 12,2023

He’s finally been $#@&ing traded – Genius ERP acquires Denis Lemieux from Chiefs

Genius News - Industry News

Genius ERP is proud to announce that they have acquired goaltender Denis Lemieux from the Charlestown Chiefs in exchange for future considerations, a skate sharpener and 8 hours of Zamboni maintenance.

Two aircraft maintenance mechanics have a conversation while using a tablet in a plane hangar.
Article - September 08,2023

Best Practices for Onboarding a New Hire in the Manufacturing Industry

Analytics & Reporting - Engineering - Scheduling

Onboarding a new employee in the manufacturing industry is a crucial process that sets the tone for their entire tenure with your company.

Labor day, working people of various professions communicate, with buildings and labor tools in the background, vector illustration
Article - September 04,2023

Labor Day Special: Labor Issues in the Manufacturing Industry in 2023

Custom Manufacturing - ERP - Industry News

Labor issues continue to vex manufacturers, with labor shortages remaining one of the biggest struggles within the industry.

Three arrows soaring on yellow background. Business development to success and growing growth concept. 3d render illustration
Article - September 01,2023

Is it Time to Upgrade Your ERP?

Custom Manufacturing - ERP

If you've noticed that your current ERP software is running slower or less efficiently than it used to, or if you're facing challenges with your existing processes or data management, it might be a sign that an ERP upgrade is in order.

How ERPs Drive Success for Every Type of Manufacturer
Article - August 18,2023

How ERPs Drive Success for Every Type of Manufacturer

Custom Manufacturing - ERP

In the intricate world of manufacturing, there are many different ways that a product can be built.

marketing meeting presenter pointing to screen
Webinars - August 16,2023

Marketing for Manufacturers

Analytics & Reporting - Management - Marketing

Learn how to use marketing to grow your business. Discover the key marketing metrics you can easily implement to measure the impact of your marketing strategies. 

sprint runner at full speed
Article - August 11,2023

Stay Ahead of Your Competition With an ERP

Customer Relations - Integration - Scheduling

ERP software is an essential tool for manufacturers. However, simply having an ERP system is no longer enough.

conference room whiteboarding session
Article - August 04,2023

How to Champion Change in Your Organization


Change has been on our minds a lot lately. Maybe it’s because the last few years have taught us that the ability to pivot and change is a necessary skill that all businesses, especially manufacturers, need to have.

conference room presenter standing up
Article - July 28,2023

Marketing for Manufacturers: Do You Need a Marketing Agency?

Management - Marketing

Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of any business, including small- to medium-sized manufacturing companies—especially if you want to grow your business.

tall stick figure in business icon setting
Article - July 28,2023

How to Future-Proof Your Manufacturing Business

Analytics & Reporting - Integration

The last few years have been challenging, to say the least, for manufacturers — and economic uncertainty still lurks.

predictive maintenance
Article - July 14,2023

What Is Predictive Maintenance (+ How To Use It in Your Shop)

Product Development - Quality Control - Shop Floor

With equipment downtime, maintenance costs and unexpected breakdowns posing significant challenges, custom manufacturers are increasingly turning to predictive maintenance to improve efficiency and control costs.

ERP digital background with employees, graphs, cash in background
Article - July 07,2023

8 Amazing Things You Can Do with an ERP: A Guide for Small- to Mid-sized Custom Manufacturers

Analytics & Reporting - Engineering - Scheduling

ERPs are the industry gold standard for a reason—no other tool revolutionizes your manufacturing operations or uses accurate real-time data to streamline business processes like an ERP. 

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