Carbonneau Group’s ERP Implementation Project Nominated for Project of the Year

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The Carbonneau Group was recently nominated for Project of the Year by STIQ for their successful implementation of an ERP system. Teaming up with Genius ERP, this project highlights the power of integrated ERP solutions in enhancing operational efficiency and supporting business growth. 

ERP Implementation Project Overview

The Carbonneau Group is a prominent player in the Canadian welded assembly industry, boasting a team of multidisciplinary experts known for their innovative solutions in heavy hydroelectric dam mechanics and water regulation. With a rich history rooted in industrial plumbing, Carbonneau Group has evolved into a leader in designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining industrial equipment. Today, the Carbonneau Group is recognized for its extensive expertise in water regulation systems, reflecting over 40 years of experience in specialized manufacturing and a strong foothold in the hydro industry.

After undergoing a change in leadership in 2018, Carbonneau Group undertook a strategic planning exercise to establish the company’s development plan. One of the key initiatives identified during this planning exercise was implementing an ERP software system to bolster Carbonneau Group’s capabilities and achieve growth objectives.

Project Execution and Milestones

The ERP implementation project allowed Carbonneau Group to replace numerous disparate systems and applications with a single integrated ERP system — supported by a dedicated team of industry experts — capable of evolving with them over time.

Carbonneau Group partnered with Genius ERP for this project, as we are known for our industry knowledge and experience in the Quebec manufacturing sector. Led by a structured project team with Rémi Filion  as Project Manager, Guillaume Petit overseeing technical processes, and Jean-François Cadieux managing accounting processes, the project followed a well-planned timeframe and adhered to its budget.

Major project milestones included:

  • Diagnosis: Defining objectives and assessing company needs.
  • Design: Configuring ERP parameters and developing written procedures.
  • Development: Customizing the ERP to meet specific company requirements.
  • Training: Comprehensive training sessions for seamless adoption.
  • Implementation: Successful GO LIVE transition and operational integration.


Driving Growth and Efficiency

The ERP implementation project marked a major achievement for Carbonneau Group, leading to substantial improvements and setting the stage for future growth. This project represents one of the largest investment in the company’s history, showcasing their commitment to innovation, development, and long-term success. 

Building upon the Carbonneau Group’s manufacturing expertise, Genius ERP has empowered Carbonneau Group to streamline operations and boost efficiency across various departments. 

Noteworthy outcomes include:

  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes, reduced lead times, and optimized resource utilization.
  • Financial Performance: Increased profitability, enhanced accounting processes, and improved financial reporting.
  • Client Satisfaction: Improved project delivery punctuality, reduced quotation turnaround times, and enhanced client interactions.
  • Employee Empowerment: Democratized information access, standardized workflows, and introduced a culture of continuous improvement.

Looking to the Future

Moving to Genius ERP’s integrated cloud-based solution has been a significant improvement for the Carbonneau Group. Following the rollout of Genius ERP, innovations include supplier payment automation, Solid Work BOM generation, utilization of tablets for manufacturing consultations, introduction of assembly and welding tables, CRM implementation, and more. 

This project has not only modernized operational workflows but also helped foster a culture of innovation and improvement within the company.

Looking ahead, Groupe Carbonneau is poised for continued success, leveraging the capabilities of Genius ERP to support expansion projects, enhance production capabilities, and drive sustained growth. The project’s impact on employee satisfaction, operational efficiency, and overall company performance underscores its significance as a driving force for positive change and future success.

The nomination of this project by STIQ highlights Carbonneau Group’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and strategic vision. Thank you for choosing to work with us; we are honored to support Quebec’s innovative manufacturing sector.

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