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Genius ERP is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Global Payments, one of the world’s largest payment technology providers. This collaboration, introduced with V15.2, enables seamless credit card processing within Genius ERP, allowing manufacturers to streamline financial operations and enhance customer experiences. This partnership gives Genius users greater flexibility and improved convenience, enabling manufacturers to expedite payments, seamlessly handle transactions, and boost overall cash flow. 

Fast and Secure Payments

Global Payments is a global leader in payment processing, helping businesses of all sizes to deliver great customer experiences and reach their goals. Their commitment to simple, fast, and secure payments is evident in their innovative and tailored solutions. By offering state-of-the-art technology and a comprehensive suite of services, Global Payments empowers millions of companies worldwide to streamline transactions and enhance overall financial efficiency.

Integrated Credit Card Processing with Global Payments

With our new partnership with Global Payments, Genius ERP aims to improve how manufacturers manage their financial operations. Our integrated credit card processing feature is specifically designed to streamline payment collection and reconciliation, improving the overall efficiency of financial processes and enhancing customer experience.

Your customers will benefit from the ease and convenience of making payments with credit cards. Whether it’s preauthorizations or prepayments for orders in progress, applying credit card payments to completed sales orders, or storing credit card information for recurring use that is easy and quick, Global Payments handles a wide range of financial transactions with ease and precision.

Beyond the convenience to customers, integrated credit card processing offers substantial benefits to manufacturers by reducing administrative time and costs. Global Payments ensures that financial processes are not only faster but also more accurate, leading to more reliable financial records and reporting.

Integrated credit card processing also accelerates payment receipt, reducing the time between a sale or service delivery and the availability of funds. This acceleration can directly impact a company’s cash flow and liquidity, providing manufacturers with more financial security.

Committed To Manufacturers

As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve, Genius ERP remains at the forefront, committed to providing innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive. Stay tuned for the release of V16 this year, which will include substantial upgrades to our web capabilities.

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