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How Does an ERP Help Improve Business Operations?
Article - May 17,2019

How Does an ERP Help Improve Business Operations?

Customer Relations - Engineering - Inventory

Our team explored how does ERP help improve business operations. A fresh take on the impact of an ERP system on accountants & ERP for engineering. Take a look around!

Project cost estimation, calculate budget or resources to finish work, financial plan, invoice or tax, expense or loan concept, businesswoman with calculator estimate cost from project document.
Article - May 10,2019

Top 5 Tips for a Successful ERP Implementation


We compiled notable points on successful ERP implementation. Learn more about how to select your A-team & the steps to successfully implement your ERP.

5 Ways ERP Software Can Improve Inventory Management
Article - April 26,2019

5 Ways ERP Software Can Improve Inventory Management

Inventory - Scheduling

Let’s go back to basics for a minute and define what inventory management is. In a nutshell, inventory management is the management of inventory and stock

Manufacturing Technology Insights 2019
Article - April 17,2019

Manufacturing Technology Insights names Genius ERP a Top 10 SolidWorks Solution Provider for 2019

Engineering - Integration

Seamless CAD-ERP integrations save time and money by letting a manufacturer export a Bill of Material (BOM) directly from CAD software to an ERP system.

Engineer Showing Apprentice How to Use Drill In Factory
Article - April 12,2019

Take Control and Reduce Labor Costs with an ERP System

Job Costing - Shop Floor

Labor costs are one of the biggest line items in your budget as a manufacturer, so keeping them under control is key to being profitable.

CAD Design ERP
Article - March 22,2019

What is the Best ERP?


What is the best ERP? Obviously, my first answer was Genius ERP, of course! But after thinking about it for a little while, I realized there isn’t one ERP that is truly the best.

The Power of Business Intelligence in Manufacturing
Article - March 13,2019

The Power of Business Intelligence in Manufacturing

Analytics & Reporting

Looking to take your manufacturing business from good to great? Start using business intelligence to help you better understand your organization, make more informed decisions, and build a more efficient and effective business.

Shot of a young woman using a computer at her desk in a modern office
Article - February 27,2019

Deliver On Time, Every Time with an ERP

Analytics & Reporting - Engineering - Scheduling

Deliver on time, every time. You know it’s the number one thing you need to do to keep customers happy and remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

timeline graph trending upwards into the 2020s
Article - February 20,2019

5 Tips to Improve Accounting with an ERP System

Accounting - ERP - Job Costing

Looking for ways to streamline and improve your accounting practices? Look not further than an ERP!

Quality inspectors at the factory
Article - January 24,2019

Why You Should Use an ERP to Make Strategic Business Decisions

Custom Manufacturing - ERP

Recently we looked at 5 ways that an ERP can help out CEOs. One of the biggest ways that an ERP can assist senior management is by helping leaders to make better, and more informed decisions.

dual monitor engineer working in cubicle
Article - December 19,2018

Stop Using ERP Workarounds

Custom Manufacturing - ERP

Does “ERP” actually stand for Excel Runs Production at your shop?

tall tablet with fingers tapping screen
Article - October 31,2018

Why Manufacturing SMEs Need a Reliable Inventory Control Feature in their ERP Software

Custom Manufacturing - ERP

If you’re an SME manufacturer, you know all too well that halting operations due to less than streamlined inventory management can adversely affect your relationship with customers, vendors, and suppliers.

5 Predictions for the Future of ERP Software
Article - October 17,2018

5 Predictions for the Future of ERP Software

ERP - Industry News

With businesses prioritizing "going digital" ERPs will continue evolving to fulfill businesses' ever-changing needs. Find out the 5 future trends in ERP systems.

Why an Excel ERP System Isn't Enough
Article - October 10,2018

Why An Excel ERP System Isn’t Enough

Analytics & Reporting - Scheduling

Our team answered the questions you're asking about Excel ERP Systems. Learn more about Data entry & Efficiency. Take a look around!

accountant hands checking line graph with invoices to his right
Article - September 12,2018

ERPs — Not Just for Large-Scale Enterprises


A common misconception about ERPs is that they are for large-scale companies only (the word enterprise is a part of their name after all), but more and more small businesses are turning to ERPs to help them integrate all of their business processes and data into one place.

What Engineers Need From an ERP
Article - August 18,2018

What Engineers Need From an ERP


Engineering is a key component in ETO manufacturing environments — it’s part of the name for goodness sake! — but engineering is all too often left out of ERP software systems.

Purchasing in an Engineer-to-Order Environment
Article - October 20,2017

Purchasing in an Engineer-to-Order Environment

Custom Manufacturing

Though the purchasing department has become a well-defined entity in most mid-sized companies, widely accepted standard processes or "best" practices have hurt the effectiveness of the department.

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