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Genius V15 screenshot sales order screen

1. Sales Team Updates

Sales representatives are often on the road and need to access Genius ERP from anywhere, so we decided to make their life easier by adding customer creation from the web, as well as Sales order creation, on top of the already existing quote module. It’s now possible to create a sales order for standard or configured products for established customers or new ones.

Customer Creation

The client creation process has been accelerated and streamlined, so you can create a customer faster, with less manual entry. Sales representatives don’t always have all the client information, but that shouldn’t stop them from creating a quote, especially if they are in front of the client.

Sales order

In addition to creating sales orders on the web, V15 also makes it easier to manage after sales services. For example, when a repair part is sold to a customer, you will be able to see if that part is already in stock and available, or if it needs to be ordered/manufactured. It will then be easier to know what the delivery date should be. You’ll also be able to quickly verify if there is any warranty information related to the parts in your sale order. These improvements will allow you not only to create sales orders faster, but also have better visibility on the client’s information.

2. Receiving Team Updates

Your shipping and receiving team will now be able to receive purchased products using the web browser. This addition to our web platform will let you receive material wherever you are in the warehouse on a tablet. That mobility will save a lot of unnecessary movement and time. Ultimately, you’ll get more real time inventory information into the system, which will benefit not only receiving, but production, scheduling, purchasing, and invoicing.

3. Financial Team Updates


Our Accounting team has created an interactive dashboard inside Genius Analytics to show you a complete picture of your cashflow situation. In addition to giving you an accurate and up-to-date look at your financial health, you will also get a powerful forecasting tool to manage projected cashflow based on outstanding sales orders and work in progress.

Credit card processing

One of our biggest improvements, coming this fall with V15.2, is the addition of credit card processing inside Genius ERP. We’ve partnered with one of the largest payments technology providers in the world to give you more flexibility for your business and more flexibility for your customers. You can get paid faster, manage payments easier, and increase your cashflow.

Genius is proud to work for and with manufacturers. Everyday we are working to bring you a great ERP solution that gives you everything you need to manage every aspect of your business. Every spring we will be releasing new versions that add new features, greater depth, and more web-available modules. In V16, coming in the spring of 2024, you can look for many additional upgrades to our web capabilities for both your inventory and employee management.

Genius is committed to growing our product for manufacturers!

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