Our Proven ERP Implementation Process

We successfully implement Genius ERP at a pace tailored to your team, following a proven software implementation plan, and on a timeline that ensures you’re up and running as quickly as possible. Our implementation team will work hand-in-hand with the employees at your company who will use the ERP software on a daily basis, carefully instructing them on how to best apply our ERP solution to your processes, to realize real results.

We know implementing a new ERP system isn’t easy, but we are up to the challenge. Our implementation specialists are experienced, trustworthy, energetic, and solutions-driven — and will do anything and everything it takes to get the job done.  
Stage 1
Knowledge Gathering
Stage 2
Knowledge Transfer
Stage 3
Knowledge Application
Stage 4
Customer Success

Knowledge Gathering

The first step of an ERP implementation plan is one of the most important steps — and one that is often overlooked. Before we can make our system work for you we need to gather as much information about you as possible: what your processes are and how your business works. It’s also an important time to communicate to your staff about the upcoming implementation process, and get everyone on board with the project so you can implement successfully your new ERP.

Step 1 - Kick Off

Implementation project starts by getting to know your company, your employees, and your processes.

• Conduct interviews on-site
• Define project scope
• Define key milestones
• Identify risks

Step 2 - Software Installation

We install our software, and begin personalized training sessions.

• Server audit
• Software installation
• Begin user training for GO LIVE

Step 3 - Process Design

We take everything we have learned about you and use it to model your operations, simulate production runs, and create a detailed prototype of how Genius ERP will work for you.

• Develop in-depth prototype
• Devise project plan
• Create training schedule

Knowledge Transfer

It’s time to start training! Investing time and attention into the training portion of the implementation process will ensure that your ERP project is a success. Our project team will conduct active training session that will engage your staff and ensure that they understand how to use the system. We will make sure that your staff knows how to use our ERP system for all of your business processes. After all, better training equals better results.  

Step 4 - Prototype Presentation

This is the step where we show you how we designed your processes within Genius ERP.

• Presentation of the demo company 
• Basic configurations
• Data migration
• Presentation

Step 5 - Training

Detailed and customized training workshops are delivered based on a comprehensive understanding of your manufacturing processes.

• Conduct training workshops
• Hold project management courses
• Train on modules one-by-one
• Simulate all business processes

Knowledge Application

It’s time to put Genius ERP into action! Our staff will be with you on-site to help you transition to using Genius ERP in a live environment. We will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through the system, and helping you iron out any kinks to ensure everything runs smoothly. We will also be on-site to guide you through your first month-end, empowering your team to use the system with complete confidence.

Step 6 - Preparation & Go Live

Your system comes to life under our guidance and support.

• Activate Genius ERP
• On-site coaching on how to use Genius ERP in an active environment

Step 7 - Post - Go Live

Our team of experts works hand-in-hand with your users over the first month.

• On-site support continues
• On-site coaching on how to use Off-site support begins

Step 8 - First month-end

The training phase comes to an end, but our team will be on-site to walk you through your first month-end.

• Continuous help and support
• Continuous coaching
• Complete first month-end

Customer Success

Congratulations! You have Genius ERP up and running smoothly in your shop, helping you to be a more efficient and streamlined operation. But our job isn’t over. We will continue to work closely with you, giving you outstanding support, and helping you to use our tools better. We strive to become long standing partners with all of our customers, helping you to continuously improve and simplify your manufacturing processes. Your long-term success is important to us.

Step 9 - Continuous Support

Our commitment to your success lasts long after project finalization.

• Customer Success Manager kickoff
• Initiate tech support and process documentation
• Continuous guidance to help you use our tools better

We speak the language of manufacturing.

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