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10-step implementation process

Quick, yet thorough.

We deploy Genius ERP following a proven methodology, at a pace tailored for your team, and on a timeline that ensures you’re up and running with great speed-to-value. We work hand-in-hand with the employees from your company who will be using Genius ERP on a daily basis, carefully instructing them on how to best apply Genius ERP to your processes and realize results.

The following 10-step roadmap speaks to how thorough our approach is, and also how quickly results can be achieved thanks to a structured methodology, backed by our manufacturing expertise.

Download 10 Step Implementation Process


The 4 Stages


Stage 1: Knowledge Gathering

Kick Off

Implementation starts by getting to know your company, its employees and your processes.
• Conduct interviews 
• Define project scope 
• Define key milestones 
• Identify risks

Process Design

We then model operations, simulate production runs, and plan deployment and training.
• Build working prototypes
• Import and sort data 
• Develop project plan
• Set training schedule


Stage 2: Knowledge Transfer

Software Installation

With software installed, training can begin at your company.
• Connect remotely
• Audit severs 
• Install software
• Train for GO LIVE


Workshops and courses are designed around an understanding for your processes.
• Hold workshops
• Hold project management courses
• Train on modules one-by-one


Stage 3: Knowledge Application

Pre - Go Live

With employees trained and systems running, the countdown is on.
• Migrate to Live Company 
• Import data 
• Prepare for GO LIVE

Go Live

Your system comes to life under our guidance and support.
• Activate Genius ERP
• Start on-site coaching

Post - Go Live

Our team of experts works hand-in-hand with your users over the first month.
• On-site support continues
• Off-site support commences

First month-end

Training comes to an end.
• Continuous training
• Continuous coaching


Stage 4: Knowledge Application

Acceptance & Closing

With all parties satisfied, software running smoothly, and your team trained, implementation closes out.
• Finalize project
• Formalize completion


Our commitment to your success lasts long after project finalization.
• Customer Success Manager kickoff
• Initiate tech support and process  documentation

We speak the language of manufacturing.

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