How to Boost Efficiency and Cut Costs with a Manufacturing ERP

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Custom manufacturers face many challenges in their day-to-day operations, from accurately quoting and estimating projects to navigating complex purchasing processes and ensuring timely delivery of orders. Because each project they work on is unique, custom manufacturers must adapt their processes to accommodate varying specifications and client demands, further complicating operations.

A manufacturing ERP gives custom manufacturers the tools and insights they need to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and effectively meet the unique challenges of their industry. Read on to explore some real-life case studies to see how Genius ERP has transformed operations for custom manufacturers, enabling them to boost efficiency and cut costs.

Better Quotes and Estimates with Genius ERP

Custom manufacturers often face challenges with quoting and estimating due to the distinct nature of their work. Typically, each project undertaken by a custom manufacturer is unique and demands specialized attention, making it difficult to establish standardized pricing models or accurately predict resource needs. Custom manufacturing projects also often involve collaboration with clients to refine designs and specifications. Changes during the design phase can impact the final cost and timeline of the project, making it challenging to provide accurate estimates upfront.

A manufacturing ERP system streamlines the quoting and estimating process for custom manufacturers by consolidating data on materials, labor, and overhead costs into a centralized platform. Through advanced analytics and historical data analysis, an ERP system enables more accurate pricing forecasts, ensuring competitive — yet profitable — quotes tailored to the unique requirements of each custom project.


QTG, known for its high-quality tubing solutions, struggled with outdated estimating and quoting processes. Before implementing Genius ERP, the company relied on Excel spreadsheets, leading to errors and inefficiencies. With long turnaround times and frequently needing to redo work due to client changes, QTG regularly found itself producing multiple quotes per client, slowing down operations.

After adopting Genius ERP, the company experienced a significant improvement and was able to create estimates and quotes more quickly. “We can now process five times more quotes than before, and our estimation process is two- to three times faster,” says Alexandre Ledentu, Technical Estimator at QTG.


The custom fabricator Elemoose rarely creates the same product twice and lacked visibility across their organization. By centralizing all company data into one accessible platform, Genius has streamlined workflows, speeding up the quoting and estimating process.

“Genius has helped us by consolidating all of our information into one place so we can create the estimates that we are going to be providing to the clients in Genius. In the past, that’s been a whole separate program that we used,” says Joy Frazier, Senior Project Manager at Elemoose. She continues, “We can provide the quotes, and when they are approved, we immediately convert them into a quote to a sales order and create the jobs. The workflow is more visible to everybody so it’s easier for everybody to find the information they need to when looking in Genius.”


Genius ERP has also helped Jennison Manufacturing Group improve its quotes. By streamlining the quoting process within Genius, the job shop has significantly boosted the volume of outgoing quotes — while enhancing pricing accuracy. Real-time visibility into various costs, such as employee time, tooling expenses, and machine usage, has helped Jennison produce accurate quotes aligned with actual costs. “With Genius, our quoting has improved dramatically,” says Michael Jennison.

Improved Purchasing with Genius ERP

Purchasing can present significant issues for custom manufacturers due to the diverse and often specialized nature of materials and components required for each project. Custom manufacturers must navigate fluctuating material costs, varying supplier lead times, and the need to keep their inventory flexible to meet the changing needs of different projects, which makes buying materials a complicated task

A manufacturing ERP system enhances purchasing processes for custom manufacturers by providing centralized inventory management, real-time insights into material availability, and automated procurement workflows.


Genius ERP has revolutionized Motrec’s purchasing operations, replacing disjointed methods with a streamlined approach. Previously, scattered tools, including Excel spreadsheets, resulted in inefficient purchasing, leading to overspending on inventory and occasional shortages. By integrating purchasing processes into Genius, Motrec now uses the platform’s forecasting tools to optimize procurement.

With Genius, “It takes 25 minutes to do the purchasing every day, and that’s it. And also, we have lowered the inventory [on hand] by 30%,” says Alain Turgeon, Director of R&D, Continuous Improvement, and IT at Motrec.

Streamlined Scheduling with Genius ERP

The variability and complexity of custom projects make it difficult for custom manufacturers to accurately predict material and resource needs as well as production timelines. Custom manufacturers must handle a wide range of orders, each with its own specifications, lead times, and manufacturing requirements, making it challenging to create accurate schedules that ensure on-time delivery.

A manufacturing ERP system enhances scheduling for custom manufacturers by providing real-time visibility into production workflows, optimizing resource allocation, and enabling better coordination of tasks to ensure they finish projects on time


As a busy job shop, Jennison Manufacturing Group struggled with creating accurate schedules and delivering jobs on time. Genius ERP has significantly improved scheduling efficiency for Jennison, resulting in a 30% reduction in late orders. With Genius, Jennison gains better visibility into machine loads and delivery dates, enabling more realistic commitments and prioritized workflows. This comprehensive overview allows for the strategic allocation of personnel, allowing Jennison to complete more jobs on time.

“The biggest single impact implementing Genius Scheduling has had is improving our on-time delivery,” says Michael Jennison.


The above case studies highlight the transformative power of a manufacturing ERP for custom manufacturers. From enhancing quoting accuracy and purchasing processes to optimizing scheduling efficiency, Genius ERP has improved operations for custom manufacturers.

To discover more about how Genius ERP can boost your efficiency and streamline your operations, please explore all our case studies to learn how we can unlock the full potential of your manufacturing business.

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