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May 23, 2024 @ 2 : 00 PM (ET)

Empower Your Shop Crew With Mobile Connectivity

Engineering - Integration - Job Costing

Uncover the benefits of integrating ERP systems with mobile devices. Learn how to streamline shop floor operations to lower costs, optimize resource use, and improve performance.

Webinars - April 25,2024

Boost Engineering Efficiency with CAD2BOM

Engineering - Job Costing - Product Configurator

Say goodbye to wasted time and money with our exclusive CAD2BOM feature. Automate the creation of BOMs, items, and routings from a CAD model, boosting engineering efficiency and streamlining communication across departments.

superhero internal champion raising planet above head
Webinars - March 19,2024

How an Internal ERP Champion Inspires Adoption

ERP - Implementation - Management

Discover the crucial role of your internal ERP champion! Learn why this role is essential, who fits the bill, and the qualities needed for success.

man inspecting piping with Genius ERP and Axya logos
Webinars - February 22,2024

Optimize Your Supply Chain: LaserAx and Axya Case Study

Genius News - Integration - Purchasing

See our new partnership with Axya in action. Axya’s co-founder, Nicolas Gauthier, will be on hand to show you how we have teamed up to make managing supply chains easier.

Broken chain link. The concept of data protection technology.
Webinars - January 23,2024

The Customization Paradox: Turnkey vs. Open-Source ERP Solutions

ERP - Management

Struggling to find the right ERP for your unique manufacturing needs? Our vision, values and best practices, honed from 30 years of working with manufacturers in an ever-evolving ERP world, will help guide your search to find the best ERP solution for you.

credit card close up image for business content.
Webinars - November 15,2023

Credit Card Processing

Accounting - Genius News - Management

In 2023, rising interest rates and economic instability are causing people to be more cautious with their cash flow, leading to delayed customer payments. Join our latest webinar to learn how Genius ERP’s newest feature, instant credit card transactions, can solve this problem, streamline finances and improve customer experiences.

Red metallic gears on a grid with hatched schematics . This image is a 3D render.
Webinars - October 18,2023

Product Configurator

Engineering - ERP - Product Development

Our Product Configurator can make it easier for your sales team to create accurate, profitable quotes without any involvement from your engineers or product team. This webinar will show you how to reduce the time and knowledge required to create quotes and sales orders with the Genius’ Product Configurator.

secturaSOFT logo orange
Webinars - September 20,2023

SecturaSOFT x Genius ERP

Engineering - Integration - Job Costing

See how SecturaFAB integrates seamlessly with Genius ERP and simplifies the complex task of recognizing dimensions, designs, cut lengths, angles and more from diverse source files — to identify the quantities of raw materials you need to prepare accurate quotes and BOMs.

marketing meeting presenter pointing to screen
Webinars - August 16,2023

Marketing for Manufacturers

Analytics & Reporting - Management - Marketing

Learn how to use marketing to grow your business. Discover the key marketing metrics you can easily implement to measure the impact of your marketing strategies. 

Project cost estimation, calculate budget or resources to finish work, financial plan, invoice or tax, expense or loan concept, businesswoman with calculator estimate cost from project document.
Webinars - June 15,2023

Budgeting for an ERP Implementation Project

Accounting - Implementation

Learn how to budget properly for your ERP implementation project. Our team will take you through the various steps of an ERP project and break down the costs for you.

Abstract technology background. Circuit board with a microchips and cyan led backlight.
Webinars - May 16,2023

Integrations: A Case Study in Nesting Software

ERP - Integration

Learn about the benefits of software integrations with Genius ERP, and how they can enhance your business processes. Discover the real-world advantages of integration through a case study presentation of nesting software Sigmanest and Genius ERP.

Calendar with clock and notification bell on the blue background
Webinars - April 12,2023

Setting the Right Timeline for ERP Implementation


Have you always wanted to know the timeline you need to follow to reach a successful Go-live for your ERP implementation project?

Hands holding tablet on blurred automation machine as background
Webinars - March 16,2023

Concurrent Engineering in an ETO Shop

Custom Manufacturing - Engineering

Learn how concurrent engineering tools and techniques are integrated as standard functionalities in Genius ERP, leading to improved productivity and reduced costs in your ETO shop.

Close up of unrecognizable men handshaking in a factory.
Webinars - February 15,2023

Leveraging your ERP to Drive Value for your Customers

Customer Relations

Learn how to improve customer relationships and create value for your clients with an ERP. This webinar will show how Genius ERP helps you improve customer support by efficiently answering customer inquiries and quickly tracking down the information they need.

Horizontal color image of female hands holding a digital tablet in a modern plastic production line. Ordering on-line from injection moulding factory on a touchscreen tablet computer. Industrial aisle surrounded by modern equipment and machines which having busy robotic arms with molding shapes and producing plastic pieces for variety of industry. Labor intensive production line with manufacturing equipment - boxes, crates, packages, pallets,... Manufacturing equipment arranged on clean and shiny flooring in background.
Webinars - January 18,2023

Physical Inventory Challenges at Year-End

Accounting - ERP - Inventory

If you are part of the 43% of small and medium-sized businesses that track inventory manually, watch our webinar to learn about the best practices that you can implement in your shop to make tracking inventory easier.

genius erp analytics dashboard
Webinars - December 14,2022

Genius Analytics

Analytics & Reporting - ERP

Our new Genius Analytics tool will help you improve your shop’s performance and increase profits. In this webinar, we give you a look at the new tool, plus show you how you can customize and use it in your shop to make smarter and faster business decisions.

key to success
Webinars - November 16,2022

Unlock The Secrets of Multi-Warehouse Inventory

Accounting - Custom Manufacturing - Inventory

Do you have multiple locations, or are you growing and acquiring new sites? Watch our free webinar to learn the tools, tips, tricks, and techniques you need to oversee multiple locations and simplify your inventory management practices.

Project management and gantt chart
Webinars - October 12,2022

Scheduling — A real challenge for manufacturers

Custom Manufacturing - Scheduling

Smart Scheduling improves project management, reduces lead time, and gets everyone aligned and working on the same priorities. And better yet — it allows your shop to run at maximum capacity.

Mechanical Industry Blueprint
Webinars - September 14,2022

CAD2BOM in an ETO Environment

Custom Manufacturing - Engineering

See how Genius ERP’s CAD2BOM allows you to link to SolidWorks and Inventor applications to automate the creation of BOMs, items, and routings from a CAD model. CAD2BOM helps custom manufacturers save on engineering time and improve communication between departments.

old computers stacked versus new computer
Webinars - August 17,2022

Beyond your ERP Implementation

ERP - Implementation

Congratulations! You have Genius ERP up and running smoothly in your shop, helping you to be a more efficient and streamlined operation. But our job isn’t over. The right team will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through user training, up to your go live date, and beyond.

shopfloor genius erp screenshot
Webinars - May 11,2022

Connect your Shop Floor with Genius ERP

ERP - Shop Floor

In this webinar, we show you how Genius ERP enables a full Paperless environment by providing significant shop floor tool for every role in your organization.

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