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FSM-Field service management
Article - May 17,2024

Field Services 101: Why manufacturers need them?

Field Services - Management

What are field services? Keep reading to learn what they are and why they are so critical for manufacturers?

Workers in factory explaining supervisor process and examining quality control
Article - May 10,2024

How to Boost Efficiency and Cut Costs with a Manufacturing ERP

Custom Manufacturing - Job Costing - Purchasing - Scheduling

A manufacturing ERP gives custom manufacturers the tools they need to improve efficiency and effectively meet the unique challenges of their industry.

Jean Magny PDG de l'année 2024
Article - May 03,2024

Jean Magny, CEO of Genius ERP, Named 2024 CEO of the Year by AQT – National Bank

Customer Relations - ERP - Genius News

We're excited to share that our CEO, Jean Magny, has been presented with the AQT - National Bank 2024 CEO of the Year Award!

Female worker working in manufacturing plant.
Article - April 26,2024

Boost Contract Manufacturing with Genius ERP

Custom Manufacturing - ERP - Production Planning

ERP systems are crucial for contract manufacturers and can improve every aspect of their manufacturing processes. 

geniuserp earth day logo
Article - April 22,2024

Earth Day Special: The Benefits of Sustainable Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing - ERP

Sustainable manufacturing is no longer solely a niche environmental concern; it's increasingly becoming vital for businesses worldwide.

How will Artificial Intelligence Impact ERP Software?
Article - April 19,2024

How will Artificial Intelligence Impact ERP Software?

Industry News - Production Planning - Shop Floor

AI technology built directly into ERP systems can help automate routine processes or create better user experiences by learning and adapting to user's language, allowing systems to better understand and respond to users.

aerospace planes
Article - April 12,2024

What Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers Need in an ERP

Custom Manufacturing - ERP

Due to the complex processes involved in the aerospace and defense sectors, a manufacturing-specific ERP system is not just beneficial but essential.

Article - April 10,2024

Beyond Your ERP Implementation

Custom Manufacturing - ERP - Implementation

There are countless stories out there, both good and bad, about the challenges of implementing a new ERP system.

stiq award
Article - April 05,2024

Carbonneau Group’s ERP Implementation Project Nominated for Project of the Year

Custom Manufacturing - ERP - Production Planning

The Carbonneau Group was recently nominated for Project of the Year by STIQ for their successful implementation of an ERP system.

two people in front of microphones with digifab logo behind on a tv
Article - March 28,2024

Genius ERP’s Maxime Larose Featured on Digifab Podcast

Custom Manufacturing - ERP - Genius News

Genius ERP’s Maxime Larose recently sat down with Digifab to talk about the digitalization of the manufacturing industry.

man in front of machine in job shop
Article - March 22,2024

Why Job Shops Need a Manufacturing-Specific ERP

Custom Manufacturing - ERP - Job Costing - Shop Floor

Job shops face unique challenges that demand specialized solutions. Unlike large-scale production facilities, job shops specialize in custom manufacturing, prototyping, and small- to medium-batch production runs. 

marketing icons on screen with laptop
Article - March 19,2024

An In-Depth Guide to Digital Marketing for Manufacturers


Dive into our comprehensive guide, where we demystify digital marketing for manufacturers and reveal the secrets to creating an effective marketing strategy for the digital age.

Article - March 15,2024

Customer News: Carbotech Group Acquires Sawquip

Customer Relations - Genius News - Industry News

Genius ERP is pleased to share that Carbotech Group, a Genius customer and leading provider of comprehensive sawmill solutions, has recently acquired Sawquip, a manufacturing company specializing in sawmill equipment.

man in front of machine
Article - March 08,2024

How to Identify Bottlenecks in your Manufacturing Process

Custom Manufacturing - Scheduling - Shop Floor

Bottlenecks—all manufacturers have to deal with, and they can effectively grind your operations to a halt, causing you to deliver orders late, and even costing you business altogether.

Coworkers discussing Production in plastic recycling factory
Article - March 01,2024

The Genius ERP Approach to Streamlining MTO Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing - Engineering - ERP - Production Planning - Shop Floor

In Make-to-Order (MTO) manufacturing, products are only manufactured after receiving a customer's order.

manufacturer with glasses looking at screen
Article - March 01,2024

Improve MTS Production With Genius ERP

Custom Manufacturing - ERP - Production Planning

In Make-to-Stock (MTS) manufacturing, companies predict demand for their products and manufacture goods in advance, storing them in inventory until they are sold.

A Brief History of ERP
Article - February 28,2024

A Brief History of ERP

ERP - Industry News

ERP software systems have deep roots in the manufacturing industry, but many manufacturers still have trouble understanding exactly what an ERP is and does.

hand reaching out holding dirt, sustainable icons green background
Article - February 23,2024

What is Green Manufacturing? (Plus 5 Steps to a Greener Future)

Custom Manufacturing - ERP

Green manufacturing, also known as sustainable manufacturing, focuses on producing goods in a way that minimizes environmental impacts while maximizing resource efficiency.

man's face on youtube video screen
Article - February 21,2024

Genius ERP’s Ben Van de Velde Featured on Data-Driven Supply Chain Podcast with Axya

Custom Manufacturing - Genius News - Integration

Genius ERP’s Ben Van de Velde was featured in the January episode of Axya’s Data-Driven Supply Chain Podcast.

three people looking at an iPad
Article - February 16,2024

Simplify Your Sales Processes With Genius ERP’s Product Configurator

Custom Manufacturing - Product Configurator

Your products aren’t one-size-fits-all. As a custom manufacturer, everything you build is tailored to meet your customers' exacting needs.

workers looking at an iPad screen
Article - February 09,2024

Everything You Need To Know About ERP Integrations

Custom Manufacturing - ERP - Integration - Scheduling

ERPs are awesome. They act as a centralized hub for your business and are the foundation for your manufacturing operations.

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