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Genius ERP Named to the 2024 Capterra Shortlist for Manufacturing Execution Software Systems

We’re excited to share that Genius ERP has earned a spot on the 2024 Capterra Shortlist of the best manufacturing execution software systems. The Capterra Shortlist showcases the most popular software products with the highest rates and we are proud to be among one of the best software systems for manufacturers.

“Being recognized by Capterra means a lot to us,” says Jean Magny, President of Genius ERP. “We are always pleased to have our hard work acknowledged, and we take pride in the fact that manufacturers find our ERP system useful and effective. Building enduring relationships with our customers and giving them high-quality tools and support to enhance their manufacturing processes is central to our vision.”

Genius ERP’s Awards and Recognitions

Capterra Shortlist

The Capterra Shortlist highlights top software products using a unique combination of user ratings and popularity. Out of thousands of software products’ reviews,  only a select few make it to the Shortlist. To be included, a product must have high user ratings, be widely used, and offer essential features identified by Capterra’s research team. Genius ERP has been named to multiple Capterra Shortlists over the last four years.

“We’re thrilled to have been recognized by Capterra for what we strive to do best — provide industry-leading software solutions to manufacturers,” says Dom Vézina, General Manager of Genius ERP.

“We offer a complete solution for small to mid-sized custom manufacturers, including not just software, but also implementation, training services, and field expertise,” Vézina continues. “We strive to create long-term partnerships with our customers, giving them a strong foundation to build upon to help them grow their businesses and reach their goals.”

Genius ERP’s Capterra Shortlist Recognitions

Software Advice FrontRunners

Software Advice uses reviews from actual software users to highlight the top-rated software products in North America. Recent reviews and software evaluations score products on usability and customer satisfaction, with only products that achieve high user ratings in both categories qualifying as FrontRunners. Six Software Advice FrontRunners grids featured Genius ERP, including the 2023 FrontRunners for best manufacturing software.

“It is an honor to be recognized by Software Advice,” says Jean Magny, President of Genius ERP. “FrontRunners is a highly respected resource for buyers looking for the best manufacturing software options for their businesses. We are always looking for ways to help customers achieve their goals, and ​​I’m proud that our software is recognized as a top-performing solution for manufacturers.”

Genius ERP’s Software Advice FrontRunners Recognitions

G2 Grid High Performer

The G2 Grid reflects the voices of real software users and is based on data from reviews, online sources, and social networks. Customer satisfaction (user reviews) and market presence (market share, seller size, and social impact) determine the rankings. Products rated as High Performers by G2 have high user approval ratings. According to G2, Genius ERP is a High Performer, highlighting our exceptional customer satisfaction scores.

Genius ERP’s G2 Grid High Performer Recognitions

GetApp Category Leaders

GetApp evaluates hundreds of products to create its Category Leaders rankings. These rankings showcase top North American software solutions based on user ratings in five key areas: ease of use, value for money, functionality, customer support, and likelihood to recommend. The top 10-15 products in each category with the highest scores are Category Leaders. GetApp has recognized Genius ERP as a Category Leader in multiple areas.

Genius ERP’s GetApp Category Leaders Recognitions

Other Awards and Recognitions

In addition to honors from Capterra, Software Advice, G2, and GetApp, Genius ERP has received several other awards and recognitions that showcase our commitment to delivering the best manufacturing ERP solution. These achievements highlight our dedication to providing best-in-class software and support to manufacturers.

Genius ERP’s Awards and Recognitions

  • SourceForge – Top Performer Award – Fall 2021
  • – Best ERPs of 2020
  • SaaSworthy – Fastest Growing Software in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) 2020
  • FeaturedCustomers – Manufacturing ERP Software Top Performer – Winter 2019
  • Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) – Certification Status – 2019
  • Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) – Cloud ERP for Small Business Buyer’s Guide – 2019

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