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Keep your customers happy

Simplify customer transactions with our integrated customer management tools that let you keep on top of all your customer-related information in one place.

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Genius Quote-to-Order

Create better-organized customer records and pricing details to make error-free quotes, estimates, sales orders and invoices. Centralize all customer data and information, better manage customer-related financial details and eliminate the risk of delivering customer orders without invoicing. You can set credit limits for each customer and automatically create blocks when credit limits have been reached to ensure orders are paid, as well as better control your accounts receivable.

Streamlined Processes

Better quotes and sales orders

Easy access to all customer-related information and pricing data means your sales team can easily create a new product while being on the phone with a customer to give your customers more accurate quotes and estimates that ensure profitability. Once you have received the sales order, you can better track and manage what stage a job is at in your shop with Genius ERP. With easy access to your order book — grouped precisely how you want it — you can stay on top of every sales order you have.

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Instant Oversight

Track in real time what is clear to ship

Using mobile or desktop, you can track open shipping documents through workflow steps, add items to packages and verify that packed quantities match expected quantities. This feature is available for customer shipping, shipping memos (customers and vendors), and inter-warehouse transfers — meaning you will always be on top of every aspect of your shipping. With our automated invoicing feature, you can prepare invoices with a click of a button, saving you time and ensuring orders don’t ship before they have been invoiced.

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Seamless Coordination

Fully integrated from quote to shipping

Manage all customer-related transactions and financial data within one fully integrated system. Set up and filter a dashboard to see at a glance all the information you need to efficiently manage your open or closed customer transactions to quickly track and follow up on any job at any stage. Communications between you and your customers become simplified and straightforward, as your team can always answer customer inquiries with up-to-date information.

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Key Features and Functionalities

Make error-free quotes, estimates, sales orders and invoices with our integrated customer transaction management tools. Easily manage customer contacts, customer records and customer price lists. Centralized customer data and information helps you improve the management of customer-related financial information from quote to order.

  • Fully integrated from quote to shipping, giving you complete visibility on every job
  • Customizable quotes, invoices and reports
  • Custom products or customers sub-grouping
  • Customer Record & Price List Maintenance
  • Create error-free quotes
  • Manage sales orders
  • Fully integrated Pick, Pack and Ship solution
  • Automatically prepare documentation for overseas shipping
  • Capacity to charge freight throughout whole process: Choose where to add it that makes sense for you
  • Charge for time and material spent on the job
  • Set customer credit limits
  • Invoice from order or invoice by shipping

Built for the people who use it

Whether you are an engineer, production manager, accountant or CEO, Genius ERP has the solutions you need to get the job done right.


Create quotes and sales orders like never before

Create better, more accurate quotes and keep up with every sales order with a fully integrated customer transaction management system.

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Invoice every order

Keep up with customer financial information and always know if an invoice has been created, sent and paid.

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Operation Managers

Simplify customer transactions

Quickly access if payments are up-to-date to know if your team can proceed with a job.

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Case studies

We’re honored to help hard-working manufacturers grow

Whether you’re looking for your first ERP, or you need a replacement solution, manufacturers just like you have realized the benefits of implementing Genius ERP.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an estimate?

An estimate in the context of custom manufacturing is an initial approximation or educated guess of what a particular job may cost. Since custom manufacturers do not have set pricelists, they must provide customers with an idea of what they can expect to pay for a specific project.

An estimate is essentially a ‘guesstimate’ provided early in the process, typically before all the details of the job are known. It serves as the first assessment of costs based on available information.

However, estimates are subject to change based on further details gathered, unexpected complications that may arise during the work, or changes in the scope of the project. Therefore, an estimate represents the initial thoughts on costs and can be revised as more information becomes available or circumstances evolve during the project execution.

What is a quote?

A quote in the context of custom manufacturing is an exact price provided to the customer for a specific job or project. Unlike an estimate, a quote is a fixed amount and cannot be changed once it has been accepted by the customer, except in cases where there are changes to the amount or type of work required, or if unexpected issues arise outside the agreed scope.

Quotes are issued after careful consideration and confidence that all necessary details of the job have been established, including the costs involved. Since quotes represent the agreed-upon price for the work, it is crucial for manufacturers to have a clear understanding of job costs to provide accurate quotes. This ensures transparency and clarity between the manufacturer and the customer regarding the pricing and scope of the project.

How can manufacturers simplify quoting?

Manufacturers can simplify the quoting process by implementing several strategies aimed at streamlining and optimizing the workflow. Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • Standardize Templates: Create standardized templates for quotes that include essential information such as estimated cost, product descriptions, pricing details, terms and conditions, and contact information. Using templates ensures consistency and reduces the time required to create each quote. Standardized values for parts and raw materials will accelerate the process.
  • Automate Quoting Process: Utilize software solutions or tools specifically designed for quoting and estimating to automate repetitive tasks and calculations. Automated systems can generate quotes quickly based on predefined parameters, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors. Whether you are quoting on parts or complete jobs, automation saves time.
  • Centralize Data Management: Maintain a centralized database or system for storing product information, past estimates, pricing data, customer details, and historical quotes. Centralizing data allows easy access to relevant information, eliminates duplication, and ensures data accuracy across the organization.
  • Implement Configurators: Use product configurators or quoting tools that enable customers or sales representatives to customize products and generate quotes in real-time. Configurators simplify the quoting process by guiding users through product options, features, and pricing variations. By utilizing CPQ tools – short for: Configure, Price, Quote, manufacturers can streamline and automate the quoting process for complex products or services. CPQ is a vital part of a good ERP.
  • Integrate with CRM and ERP Systems: Integrate quoting tools with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to streamline data flow and ensure consistency across sales, quoting, and production processes. Integration eliminates manual data entry, improves accuracy, speeds estimating processes, and facilitates seamless information exchange.
  • Streamline Approval Processes: Establish clear approval workflows and criteria for reviewing and approving quotes. Implement automated approval mechanisms where possible to expedite the approval process and avoid bottlenecks related to quoting and costs.
  • Provide Training and Support: Offer training and support to sales teams, customer service representatives, and other staff involved in the quoting process. Ensure they are familiar with quoting tools, templates, and processes to maximize efficiency and accuracy.
  • Monitor and Analyze Performance: Regularly monitor key metrics such as quote-to-close ratio, win rates, and average quote turnaround time to identify areas for improvement. Analyze cost and quote data to understand customer preferences, pricing trends, and competitive positioning, and use insights to refine quoting strategies.

By implementing these strategies, manufacturers can simplify the quoting process, reduce manual effort, improve accuracy, and enhance overall efficiency, ultimately leading to better customer experiences and increased sales effectiveness.

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