What Do You Have Planned for Manufacturing Day 2022?

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On October 7th, manufacturers across North America will open their doors to demonstrate what they do. Manufacturing Day is a great opportunity to show off the world of manufacturing and get students (and prospective employees) excited about the 4 million high-skill, high-tech, and high-paying jobs our industry will create over the next decade.

Manufacturing Day gives manufacturers a platform to showcase North America’s expertise in manufacturing and inspire the next generation to develop the skills to enter the sector. It also allows manufacturers to acknowledge and celebrate their achievements — and the driving force they are behind the economies in both the United States and Canada. In both nations, the manufacturing industry accounts for more than 10% of total GDP and provides millions of good jobs — with millions more to come in the next ten years.

The FMA (Fabricators and Manufacturers’ Association) organized the first-ever Manufacturing Day in October 2012 to open doors and make the industry more accessible to the public. Over the subsequent years, it has grown into the highly anticipated event it is today. Now, over 2,000 events and 14,000 manufacturers in the United States participate throughout the month of October.

Here are some ideas from National Today on how you can participate:

Attend a job fair — or open your doors.

Participate in job fairs, seminars, or exhibitions, or organize shop floor walkthroughs for students and educators. You will motivate the next generation to want to work in the industry — and seek you out as an employer when they graduate. Share your knowledge to inspire future generations.

Show your machines some love. Tell Us Your Plans.

Machines are an important cog in the manufacturing wheel and could do with some attention. On Manufacturing Day, give them a good workover by treating them to some generous greasing and cleaning. Better yet — call students over and explain the features of your machines, leaving them amazed with your mechanical prowess and wanting to learn more about manufacturing technology.

Tell Us Your Plans

We’d love to know what you are going to do for Manufacturing Day this year! Big or small, post what you have organized on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn with the hashtag #MFGDay2022, and tag us in the post (@GeniusSolutions) to let us know — and share — your plans.

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