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We’re very excited to announce the release of Smart Scheduling, a new tool that will overhaul how custom manufacturers schedule their shop floors.

Now available as a module within our ERP system, Smart Scheduling lets manufacturers better identify and manage priorities and bottlenecks, to create more realistic and functional shop floor schedules—allowing manufacturers to complete more jobs on time.

“Traditionally, scheduling in a custom manufacturing environment is very complicated, as it involves so many departments, components, and long lead-time items,” says Dominic Vezina, CTO of Genius Solutions. “But with our new Smart Scheduling tool, we simplify the process by identifying a plant’s most limited resource, and then automatically generate a schedule around this resource. By doing so, we create the heartbeat for a plant, so to speak. This produces a more efficient and effective scheduling system, which lets a manufacturer meet their ultimate goal: to deliver more jobs on time and increase their throughput.”

Genius ERP’s Smart Scheduling is the only true Drum-Buffer-Rope, or DBR, scheduling system available to custom manufacturers within an ERP. DBR scheduling is based on the Theory of Constraints (ToC), and uses the fundamental principle that within any custom manufacturing plant there is a Drum—one, or a limited number of, scarce resources—which control the overall output of the plant. Increasing the capacity of the drum is the only way to increase the capacity of the manufacturing plant.

Using this theory, Genius Solutions’ Smart Scheduling tool streamlines shop floor scheduling by identifying the bottleneck, or Drum, and then automatically prepares a detailed schedule that maximizes the capacity of the Drum, to increase the overall efficiency of the plant.

Smart Scheduling is part of Genius ERPs new V12 product release that includes improvements and upgrades to other features and modules including Microsoft Power BI integration, back dated inventory management, and CRM integration.

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