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Manufacturing Day 2022 is here! Though one day is not enough, we wanted to take a minute to say thank you and celebrate everything manufacturers do.

Manufacturing is critical to the economies — and daily life — of both Canada and the United States. Nearly 1.7 million jobs across Canada are directly related to it. In the United States, 13.89 million people are employed in the private sector manufacturing industry. The total manufacturing output for the U.S. in 2020 was $2,337.55B, accounting for over 11% of the U.S.’s total GDP.

Manufacturing is essential to our economic vitality in more ways than one, as the industry has an enormous impact on the economy as a whole. Many businesses outside the sector (including us!) rely on manufacturers as clients or suppliers. In Canada, the impact of manufacturing represents around 30% of our total economic activity.

Manufacturing isn’t always the easiest work, but it is the backbone that keeps our economy running. We know over the last two and a half years, manufacturers have faced numerous challenges and continue to do so. Please take time today to reflect on all you do and the value you add to our world.

Thank you.

Looking to the Future

Manufacturing Day is also about education and opening doors to future generations.

MFG Day is a great opportunity to show that manufacturing matters and to promote the importance of manufacturing on a local, national, and global level. Today, and throughout the month of October, events will be hosted across North America to showcase the industry, giving companies across the industry the chance to come together to connect with and educate the next generation of manufacturers.

MFG Day allows manufacturers to show young people that manufacturing is a thriving and dynamic industry, offering interesting, high-skill, high-tech, and high-paying jobs. Over the next decade, more than 4 million jobs across North America will be created within the industry. Getting the next generation excited about the industry is vital to building our future.

Celebrate Manufacturing Day with Genius ERP and Digifab

Genius ERP is proud to work with and support hundreds of manufacturers across North America. We have partnered with Digifab, to host a Manufacturing Day event on October 19, 2022. Please join us to celebrate manufacturers and learn how to accelerate your digital transformation and move your shop to a paperless environment.

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