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Genius ERP is proud to announce that G2 named us a high performer in their Summer 2020 Grid Report for ERP systems.

We’re a high performer!

Through their ranking system, G2 recognizes that we are highly trusted by our customers and able to satisfy our users’ needs. G2 highlights that our customers believe our product is moving in the right direction, and that we have a higher than average ease of set up, ease of use, and quality of support. G2 also notes that our customers are highly satisfied with our performance and reliability, and are especially pleased with how Genius ERP helps customers manage their BOMs and purchase orders.

G2 Grid® Rating Methodology

The Grid represents the democratic voice of real software users, rather than the subjective opinion of one analyst. G2 rates products from the ERP Systems category algorithmically based on data sourced from product reviews shared by G2 users and data aggregated from online sources and social networks.

Technology buyers can use the Grid to help them quickly select the best products for their businesses and to find peers with similar experiences. For vendors, media, investors, and analysts, the Grid provides benchmarks for product comparison and market trend analysis.

G2 High Performer

We are proud to be recognized as a high performer by G2 and happy to know that our end users are satisfied with our product. It has always been part of our vision to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers, and provide them with the best tools they need to improve their manufacturing.

To learn more about how Genius ERP can help improve your manufacturing check out the complete Grid Report here as well as our G2 page. Or schedule a personalized demo to see Genius ERP in action and see what we can do for you!

About G2

G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential.

Why is it easier to get unbiased information about a $100 hotel room than a $100,000 piece of software?

In 2012, five entrepreneurs asked themselves this question. The next day, they founded G2.

Today, more than 3M people visit to read and write authentic reviews about thousands of software products and professional services. So far, we’ve published over 1,000,000 reviews and over 4 million visitors are helping millions of businesses make better buying decisions — and reach their full potential.

Grid® Scoring Methodology

G2 rates products and vendors based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. We apply a unique algorithm (v3.0) to this data to calculate the Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real time. The Grid® Report for ERP Systems | Summer 2020 is based on scores calculated using the G2 algorithm v3.0 from reviews collected through June 02, 2020. To view the ERP Systems Grid® with the most recent data, please visit the ERP Systems page.

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