Genius ERP Partners With Secturasoft To Help You Turbocharge Your Quotes

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Genius ERP is excited to announce our new partnership with SecturaSOFT, the fast and robust quoting and estimating platform created for metal fabricators, that will allow our customers to save time, create better quotes and win more business.

SecturaSOFT is designed to provide faster estimates to help metal fabricators win more quotes. Automating the process can increase the number of quotes completed by estimators by over 300%, allowing our customers to get quotes out the door ahead of their competitiors. There is no need for complex tools or outdated spreadsheets, as SecturaSOFT’s easy-to-use solution SecturaFAB seamlessly integrates into Genius ERP allowing our customers to create faster and better quotes.

“We started Genius more than 30 years ago with the aim of assisting manufacturers in improving their business processes and providing them with the best tools to do so,” says Dominic Vezina, VP of Operations at Genius ERP. “We’re excited to be teaming up with SecturaSOFT as we believe their goals align with ours, and together we can give custom manufacturers the best tools they need to win more business and reach their goals.”

This new partnership will give our customers a significant advantage by incorporating the fast, efficient and reliable capabilities of SecturaFAB with Genius ERP. Customers will be able to push contact information directly from Genius to SecturaFAB to quickly and accurately create a quote that is then transferred directly back into Genius.This allows for digital quotes that are available 24/7 and can easily be converted into work orders and invoices within Genius ERP, saving time for both manufacturers and their customers. SecturaSOFT’s goal is to guarantee that you get your quote out of the door first, so you can ultimately win more business.

About SecturaSOFT

SecturaSOFT is built for organizations looking to reduce time to quote. Our universal, easy-to-use solution allows anyone within a business to quote. A seamless integration with other business solutions provides ease in streamlining your quoting process.

SecturaSOFT began as an organization in 2015. With over 30 years of experience in the metal industry, Pierre Slabber, brought his idea to life. Pierre is a well-known developer, innovating the best CAD/CAM, CAD design, and integration utilities. Although Pierre’s focus had primarily been on engineering software, he wanted to build something unique, with a focus on helping sales and estimators. In 2017, Brad Stropes joined the organization, giving over 40 years combined experience to SecturaSOFT.

The goals of SecturaSOFT are simple. Deliver the best estimating solution to our customers, while growing an organization our employees can be proud of. Our goal was never to involve financial backing, but ensure we create a stable organization our customers can trust. We continue to push to innovate our solution and be honest with our customers every day.


As part of our new partnership, SecturaSOFT is offering a 14-day trial of SecturaFAB to give our customers a test run of their software so that they can experience the speed of the platform for themselves. Contact your Genius Account Manager if you are interested in this unique opportunity to see SecturaSOFT in action.

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