Genius ERP Is Excited to Announce our New Partnership with GenAlpha Technologies


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Genius ERP is very excited to announce our new partnership with GenAlpha Technologies, which will now allow us to offer our customers new and exciting eCommerce solutions.

With Equip, GenAlpha’s eCommerce solution, our customers will have access to a fully-integrated product and equipment eCommerce, eCatalog, and customer portal solution specifically built for manufacturers looking to digitize their sales efforts.

“This partnership is the result of two like-minded organizations coming together to meet the growing demands of an ever changing industry. GenAlpha provides an optimized buying experience that enables manufacturers to sell their products online, and Genius ERP empowers manufacturers to streamline growth, ensure profitability, and maximize throughput. Together, GenAlpha and Genius ERP have a compelling solution offering that’s capable of handling the needs of all manufacturing organizations―no matter their size,” said Kristina Harrington, President and Chief Operating Officer of GenAlpha.

Together, GenAlpha and Genius ERP offer an unprecedented amount of expertise within the manufacturing industry. Our partnership with GenAlpha will simplify the integration process between the two manufacturing business solutions, and provide maximum capabilities for manufacturers looking to make the most of their eCommerce efforts.

Benefits of Using GenAlpha’s Equip eCommerce solution:

  • Boosted product sales through a streamlined ordering process, increased market reach, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and  24/7 ordering availability
  • Extended customer loyalty and retention with a single location for post-purchase equipment management and online resources (bill-of-material eCatalog and document library)
  • Increased profitability and reduced overhead costs by optimizing product inventory, enhancing pricing strategies, and improving user experience
  • Expanded customer management offerings including pricing prioritization, quoting functionality, and showcased multi-warehouse real-time product availability
  • Reduced order errors and redundant inquiries through the user specific bill-of-material eCatalog and product category/facet data management

“Genius ERP is proud to be partnering with an organization that recognizes the need to serve the manufacturing industry. GenAlpha is a company that was built from the ground up with manufacturers in mind, which is why we feel like this partnership is such a great fit. Our end-to-end ERP software solutions are specifically developed for manufacturers by a team that has a deep understanding of the industry. Understanding our customers is at the heart of our company, and it’s clear that GenAlpha is the exact same,” said Dom Vézina, General Manager at Genius ERP.

About GenAlpha Technologies

GenAlpha Technologies was originally founded to simplify the parts ordering process for large and complex manufacturing organizations. From that need came Equip, a fully integrated parts and equipment eCommerce, eCatalog, and customer portal solution specifically for manufacturers looking to digitize their sales efforts. Today, 30+ manufacturing brands utilize Equip to manage their aftermarket equipment business online. Learn more about how GenAlpha can benefit your manufacturing business with Equip at

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