Back to Basics: ERP for Sales

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Back to Basics: ERP for Sales

Why Does Your Sales Team Need an ERP?

Your sales team will benefit from the integration, organization, and tools an ERP provides — but most importantly, it will help your salespeople close more deals. ERPs — especially those with integrated CRM systems — are vital to improving sales performance to increase your profits.

Why Do Manufacturers Need a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a software tool that helps manufacturers organize all of their interactions with both potential and current customers. CRMs are robust tools that keep track of customer information and manage sales processes.

What a CRM can help you do:

  • Track customers and their order history
  • Identify business opportunities and new sales leads
  • Streamline the sales process and reduce repetitive work
  • Facilitate better support for current customers


A CRM that integrates directly with your ERP system will be a massive advantage for a manufacturing company.

Manufacturers heavily rely on their ERP system to drive all aspects of their operations, so having a CRM that is integrated with your ERP system — allowing you to exchange data and information — will save time and make your sales team more efficient.

A connected CRM means you save time by not having to duplicate information between your two systems, for example, by automatically moving lead and customer data directly into your accounting module. A CRM that is integrated with your ERP also gives your sales team access to all the data in your ERP, such as price lists, historical data, past deals, and other tools that will help your sales team do their jobs quicker and with more accuracy.

ERP Benefits for Sales‍

Better Sales Performance

A CRM centralizes all of your sales information in one place, meaning your sales team will be able to manage all accounts, leads, opportunities, and communications within one system — meaning no more missed deals or opportunities because information got lost in the shuffle.

Well documented information about a lead or client also helps build trust and respect in the relationship which improves communication and the chances of closing a deal with a new client, or re-upping or upselling to an existing customer.

The bottom line is that a more organized sales team, and a better managed sales pipeline will lead to increased close rates by your sales team and improved profits for your company.‍

Increased Customer Satisfaction

A CRM isn’t just a valuable tool just for potential customers, it’s also a valuable tool for managing the relationship you have with your current customers.

Armed with more information about your customers, you can communicate more regularly and effectively with them, which will lead to a stronger relationship. You will also be able to quickly and easily respond to customer inquiries about current orders, improving customer service levels.

When customer support is strong, and the customer relationship is well nurtured, a customer will tend to report higher degrees of satisfaction, and heightened loyalty — which translates into more repeat business for you.

ERP Modules for Sales

You rely on your sales team to close deals. But always being on the road — and spread out across the country or continent — makes it hard for your sales team to stay organized and in sync with the rest of your operations. To help your sales team perform, you need to give them the right support and tools to do their job.

Genius CRM is completely built into Genius ERP, meaning you save time by not having to duplicate information. Genius CRM includes many features that make managing the sales process easier, including a personalized sales dashboard for managing customer information, leads, and opportunities, as well as an easy tool to create marketing campaigns and mass emails.

Build Accurate Quotes

Use historical data, price lists, and past deals to create quick and accurate quotes — from home or on the road.

Connect Your Team

Make it easy for your sales team to pull data from Genius ERP and share information back and forth with other departments.

Centralize Your Sales Hub

Manage all customer information, including accounts, leads, opportunities, and communications, within Genius CRM.

Manage Your Pipeline

Keep on top of all prospects and opportunities by creating and managing tasks, with a built-in calendar to plan and coordinate sales calls.

Close More Deals

Our integrated CRM will help your sales team close more deals and generate more revenue to grow your business.


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