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Webinars - August 10,2021

Important Information About Sales Tax Compliance in the United States

Accounting - Analytics & Reporting

This webinar is filled with important information that every manufacturer who is located, or does business, in the United States needs. Learn the ins and outs of tax compliance and gain valuable information on collecting and documenting sales taxes properly.

Webinars - May 20,2021

How to Better Manage your Expenses and Income

Accounting - Purchasing

Learn how to use Genius ERP to improve how you manage your income and expenses. Genius ERP doesn’t just help you solve your day-to-day operational challenges; we take it a step further and provide you with the key tools you need to optimize your cash flow and leverage your financials to make better and more accurate business decisions.

Webinars - March 18,2021

Is your Inventory Growing out of Control?

Accounting - Inventory

In this webinar, you will learn how we can help everyone in your shop — from purchasers to production managers to shop floor employees — increase the accuracy of your inventory counts and improve efficiency, plus how to buy the right stock at the right time.

Webinars - January 14,2021

Why Excel and Quickbooks are not an ERP

Custom Manufacturing - ERP

While Excel is a handy business tool (and has its time and place), the truth is that it is just not good enough for most manufacturers. You and your shop deserve better. You deserve a fully integrated ERP system that will make your business run smoother—and save you time and money.

Webinars - December 15,2020

How do Bottlenecks Impact your Planning?


Bottlenecks aren’t good, but they are inevitable. Watch this webinar to learn how to re-think bottlenecks to stay in control of your shop floor’s flow, increase throughput, and get more jobs out the door on time.

Webinars - October 13,2020

Expedite your Month-End with Real-Time Data


Learn how to use the real-time data from your ERP to speed up your month-end accounting tasks to simplify your processes, reduce errors, and save you time. We’ll teach you why real-time data is so effective, and share with you industry best practices that will make your month-end faster than you ever thought.

Webinars - September 15,2020

Onboarding New Hires? Ramp them up Quickly Using your ERP System

ERP - Industry News

Learn how to use your ERP system to efficiently get new hires up to speed, integrated with the rest of your team, and ready to get to work. We’ll teach you tips and techniques for using your ERP system to get this time-consuming task done quickly and effectively.

Webinars - August 25,2020

Introduction to Equipment & Field Services Management

Field Services

‍Learn about our new fully integrated module that includes everything you need to manage your service team while they are out in the field.

Webinars - June 11,2020

Genius CRM

Analytics & Reporting - Customer Relations

Genius CRM includes many features that make managing the sales process easier, including a personalized sales dashboard for managing customer information, leads and opportunities, as well as an easy tool to create marketing campaigns and mass emails.

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