Manufacturing Technology Insights names Genius ERP a Top 10 SolidWorks Solution Provider for 2019

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SOlidworks Top 10 Partner

Genius Solutions is proud to be recognized as a Top 10 SolidWorks Solution Provider by Manufacturing Technology Insights for providing a complete ERP solution for custom manufacturers that seamlessly integrates SolidWorks into its ERP system.

Seamless CAD-ERP integrations save time and money by letting a manufacturer export a Bill of Material (BOM) directly from CAD software to an ERP system. Without such integration, an engineering department can spend up to 20 percent of its time manually transferring BOMs out of a CAD system — a problem that is especially tedious for custom manufacturing shops, as every item that is manufactured is complex and custom-made.

Genius ERP’s “proprietary CAD2BOM feature integrated directly with SolidWorks and Inventor, and allows clients to seamlessly push, read, and gather live data from active and future jobs, improving and accelerating delivery, while streamlining workflow and productivity,” according to Manufacturing Technology Insights.

“Genius ERP connects every department, including engineering, and enables collaboration between every team, from the top floor to the shop floor, at every stage during the manufacturing of complex products” says Jean Magny, Genius Solutions’ President and CEO in Manufacturing Technology Insights’ profile of Genius ERP.

For more details, and to read the full profile of Genius ERP, please see:

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