Genius Solutions Partners with Solutyo to Drive European Growth

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Genius Solutions is excited to announce our new strategic partnership with Solutyo, a French firm that focuses on helping manufacturers digitally transform their businesses. By partnering with Solutyo, and relying on their in-depth knowledge and presence in France, we will be able to grow and expand our business into the European market — and help more manufacturers create better manufacturing processes to increase their efficiencies and reduce costs.

Solutyo’s passion is to help manufacturers improve their operations through the adoption of tech-based solutions. Their experience and expertise in both the tech and manufacturing industries, along with their commitment to excellence, make Solutyo an ideal partner for Genius Solutions, one that will help us to focus on growth and let us provide the best solutions and tools to manufacturers across the globe.

“When we started this company over 30 years ago, our goal was always to be able to help manufacturers improve their businesses processes, and give them the tools they need to get the job done right.” says Jean Magny, President and CEO of Genius Solutions.

“We’re really excited about our new partnership with Solutyo, as we feel their goals align with ours. And now with their help, we will be able to expand our business into France  — and beyond — to help manufacturers not just across North America, but now Europe too, to implement the best technology solutions that help them improve their performance, and reach their goals.”

“We chose to partner with Genius ERP not just because they are the best ERP for custom manufacturers, but also because we wanted to partner with a team of real manufacturing experts who always put the success of every customer first,” says Francis Lavallée, Solutyo’s founder and Technical Director. “I know them well and I know we share the same core values. I am thrilled to walk with Genius on this journey and being able to offer French manufacturers this pure made in Quebec ERP.”

Solutyo has extensive experience helping businesses in Europe improve their operations by implementing the right digital tools and technology solutions. With their expertise and help, Genius Solutions will now be able to deliver our complete end-to-end ERP solution designed exclusively for custom manufacturers to manufacturers in France and across Europe.

About Solutyo:

Solutyo specializes in technological intelligence and operational excellence, but with a human-touch. Not only will Solutyo guide you through your digital transformation process, they will also be a trusted partner that supports your change management and skills development.

Solutyo helps companies define their digital transformation roadmap as well as develop the appropriate solutions that will support you in throughout your implementation.

The digital world is constantly changing. Solutyo and its partners are there to help you see things more clearly and devise the strategy that is best for you.

To learn more about Solutyo please visit:

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