Reduce Supply Chain Risk: Genius ERP Announces New Partnership With Axya

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Genius ERP is excited to announce that we have teamed up with Axya to improve how manufacturing companies manage their supply chains. Axya brings innovative technological solutions to the table, aiming to make supply chain management easier and more efficient.

As a leading provider of manufacturing ERP solutions, we have joined forces with Axya to give manufacturers a powerful suite of tools that simplify and enhance their procurement workflows. This partnership promises to not only boost efficiency but also reduce supply chain risks for Genius ERP users.

Streamline Procurement Processes with Axya

Effortless RFQ Management

Axya simplifies the management of Requests for Quotation (RFQs) through an intuitive web-based platform. Creating and sending RFQs is simplified, allowing you to easily manage and track the status of all of your sourcing projects. You can easily target suppliers based on location, industry or specialization. Axya also allows you to make more informed decisions by easily comparing quotes to evaluate supplier proposals, identify the best fit, and negotiate with confidence.

Axya centralizes all of your communication with suppliers and streamlines interactions, giving you more efficient procurement processes. It also allows for enhanced collaboration in your shop, enabling your teams to work together seamlessly throughout the procurement process. 


Seamless PO Tracking

Tracking purchase orders (POs) is hassle-free with Axya’s consolidated platform. You can keep tabs on the status of all of your POs in one central location, reducing the risk of critical parts slipping through the cracks. By being directly connected to your suppliers, you will get complete visibility on the status of your purchase orders. You will also be able to ensure that all of your data in Genius is up-to-date, reflecting any real-time changes in your supply chain.

Automation features enable timely follow-ups, providing you with live updates from suppliers and allowing for efficient management of shipping date changes on a part-level basis. By leveraging the latest procurement technology, you can automatically follow up or modify your purchase orders on the go.

Genius ERP + Axya

For Genius ERP customers, this partnership will strengthen your procurement capabilities. Axya’s integrated features seamlessly align with Genius ERP’s dedication to providing comprehensive and user-friendly solutions to manufacturers, and enhance Genius ERP’s robust purchasing and procurement functionalities. By incorporating Axya’s tools, users can expect a more streamlined procurement processes and reduced supply chain risks.

To learn more about Axya and its innovative supply chain management solutions, please visit

Also, please check out the podcast our CEO Jean Magny did in partnership with Axya, in which he discusses the state of digital transformation in Quebec, its comparison to the United States, plus the benefits of digitally transforming your shop. Tune in and watch a recording of the podcast (in French) here:

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