Get an ERP Built for your Business: How Manufacturing ERP Functions Can Change the World for SME Manufacturers

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To ERP or Not to ERP?


Many SME Manufacturers ask themselves if they really need the features an ERP offers. Integrating an ERP is a major investment for any manufacturer, so many small and medium-sized businesses feel they might be too small to take the leap. But, the fact of the matter is, in order to compete against larger companies, small businesses need to outdo their competition. Small and mid-sized manufacturers who use the right ERP can actually operate like enterprise-scale businesses, leveraging the power of the software to streamline their processes, increase their productivity and throughput, and reduce costs.


What are the Advantages of an ERP system?


At a base level, an ERP can integrate all the core processes you need to run your manufacturing business into one seamless system: engineering, purchasing, production, invoicing, inventory management, human resource management, customer relations management, accounting, sales, and more. Imagine having easy access to truly useful, real-time information about how your plant is functioning, that status of individual jobs, and an accurate forecast for your margins. Manufacturers who have installed an ERP built for the manufacturing industry, have not only been able to increase their sales, but they also have higher customer satisfaction rates too.


Still, it can be difficult for many SMEs to outline the specific benefits an ERP system will deliver to help accomplish their goals. Here are just a few benefits of getting the most out of manufacturing ERP functions:


•    Transparency. All relevant data can be shared, accessed and updated by all departments, eliminating the need to re-enter or export data.

•    Productivity. A custom manufacturing ERP can handle the demands of high-variable, multi-stage production with fewer errors, increased productivity, and reduced HR expenses.

•    Decision-making. Real-time data generated by the system can provide an overall picture of operations useful for marketing, management, and accounting purposes, enabling your company to make crucial decisions on time.


The Right Time for ERP implementation


You can ask yourself a couple of simple questions to see if an ERP would help you.


-          Do you have 100% clarity on your inventory? Can you order just-in-time for high-variable jobs?

-          Is your sales team able to build accurate quotes on the fly that your shop can produce profitably?

-          Do you know the status and anticipated delivery date of every job on your floor and in your backlog?

If your goal is to save time, achieve quicker response times when dealing with customer queries, boost your ability to plan ahead, reduce waste, and best of all, reduce stress, then it may be time to work those manufacturing ERP functions into your strategy.


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