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Food and bakery equipment: 3 superpower ERP features for manufacturing SMEs

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Food and bakery equipment: 3 superpower ERP features for manufacturing SMEs

Fact: food and baked goods manufacturers and processors face unique and challenging business pressures. Unpredictable commodity and freight costs make it difficult to manage gross margins at the best of times. Let’s face it, running a profitable operation is no easy feat. From decorating equipment to sprayers, pumps, depositors, fillers, cookie machines, and more, those who aren’t in the industry give little thought to how complex the production line can be for food and baked goods. These days, specialized ERP for machinery and equipment manufacturing is needed when it comes to fulfilling the high-variable, multi-stage ETO manufacturing - typically required of food and bakery equipment.


Even though you’re on the equipment end, making great food products and baked goods is at the heart of your business. You need software that optimizes business functions at every stage, from production scheduling and execution to logistics and warehousing.ERP features for manufacturing SMEs can provide just the insight you need to help take your operation to the next level. Whether it’s more oversight on maintenance planning or careful attention to throughput, the right ERP software specializes in addressing the business challenges of both custom and repeat manufacturing. It also makes life easier for machine and equipment manufacturers working in all modes of production, including those who handle servicing and spare parts. Backed by the right technology, you can even let customers request multiple quality specifications per product.


Food and bakery equipment manufacturers need something akin to superpowers to quickly and profitably grow a business. Or, at least a good dose of pro-business process management.


When choosing your ERP for machinery and equipment manufacturing, consider the following 3 must-have features (superpowers):


1. The enablement of smart productionstrategies

Configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock, and make-to-order: all vital capabilities of any machinery manufacturer, but even more so where food or baked goods are involved. An ERP system worth its salt will allow for both push and pull production control mechanisms to control food and bakery equipment manufacturing output. Moving from CADs to BOMs in a fraction of the time should be standard, so let it be so. Same goes for efficient RFQs and long-lead item purchasing. Progressive BOM releases for multi-stage projects are also an option. If the time your engineers spend taking designs into MRP-ready BOMs andRFQs can be better spent on something else, your process could use some shoring up, ERP style. Avoid needless errors with technology that can take input functions out of human hands and make everything more precise.


2. Next-level inventory capabilities

Project planning based on capacity as well as existing and changing commitments are integral ERP features for manufacturing SMEs. Having a mountain of inventory is what makes machine and equipment manufacturing such a challenge. Parts get allocated twice or aren’t on the shelf when needed. When it comes to food or baked good commercial operations, a lean inventory and careful project planning are a necessity.Thankfully for your company, necessity is the mother of invention! Your idealERP will offer the ability to measure dual units, make catch-weight calculations, and much more. Inventory tracking, shop floor scheduling, and other MRP functions can be managed and adjusted for greater throughput. You can and will optimize purchasing to avoid material and long-lead item shortages. Better invest your resources by investing in ERP inventory management.


3. The power to reduce manufacturing costs

In the food and bakery equipment manufacturing industry, it is of particular importance to reduce inventory costs and eliminate waste. An ERP system that takes the guesswork out of the numbers will perform handy tasks like tracking inventory and materials in real-time. When you can confidently assess the true cost of each project thanks to the easy documentation of material and labor costs, you’re already at an incredible advantage. And then there’s the management of advance progress billings within one system that can also track past-due payments. To increase cross-sell and up sell opportunities, maintain a helpful historical record of your clients. Allow your accounting to move beyond the basic checks and balances, and have greater confidence in your estimation process. Invest in ERP for machinery and equipment manufacturing to hone your manufacturing superpowers without delay.


Genius ERP isespecially well-suited to the high-variable, multi-stage ETO manufacturing that quality food and bakery equipment require.

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