Customer Management Software

In B2B, the relationship a business has with its customers and suppliers is long-lasting and mutually beneficial. Managing quotes, sales orders, shipping and invoicing can be made easy so communication is always fluid and moving forward.

Create Quotes and Sales Orders like Never Before

With Genius ERP, you can get a head start by getting request for quotes out the door fast and accurately. Based on your buying history, generate RFQs to preferred vendors in fewer steps.

Features include:

  • Seamless integration with Excel estimation calculation sheets.
  • Real-time work orders and sales order progress tracking.
  • Apply margins to the sales price based on purchase orders and other costs.

Features of Interest

We're partners for growth with manufacturers across North America.

REELEX Case Study

Equipment & Packaging / Patterson, NY

Reelex needed an ERP for high volume production runs, and one that could handle the company’s custom packaging machine manufacturing.

Hinds-Bock Case Study

Food & Bakery / Bothell, WA

After two unsuccessful ERP installs, Hinds-Bock needed to find a flexible, all-in-one solution for its complex ETO business platform.

Fil-Trek Case Study

Pressure Vessel & Tank / Cambridge, ON

This industrial filtration PV & T manufacturer needed greater control of its systems to manage their business.

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