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Fil-Trek grew from a one-man shop into a 73-employee enterprise. At this point, the industrial filtration PV & T manufacturer needed greater control of its systems to manage their business. Genius ERP delivered speed-to-value and solid ROI.

Fil-Trek & Genius ERP: A firm grasp on business

The Company

Fil-Trek Corporation, based in Cambridge, Ontario, is a comprehensive manufacturer of pressure vessels and tanks for the industrial filtration industry. The company designs, manufactures and delivers custom products alongside a catalogue of standard designs.

Lou Faustini, the company’s founder and president, got his start in the filtration industry after a summer job cleaning up shop workstations. Through hard work and passion, he climbed quickly into the ranks of management before deciding to open his own industrial filtration company. Fil-Trek was founded 23 years ago. At first, Fil-Trek was a one-man operation, with Faustini taking on every aspect of the business. Today, Fil-Trek operates out of a 68,000 square foot building and employs 73 people.

Fil-Trek prides itself on its entrepreneurial spirit and its ability to effectively use a light-on-the-feet attitude.

The Challenge

“We needed more information in order to manage our business more effectively,” explained Jim Hodges, CFO at Fil-Trek. “I think we were at a point where we hit a ceiling in terms of infrastructure and our use of information that would have prevented us from growing further, and we were at a point where we had to get better control of our systems.”

In relation to control, Fil-Trek was experiencing a disconnect between departments as information was not being shared or was being misplaced. “It was getting difficult to manage all these systems that were not talking to each other,” said Paul Thomason, general manager at Fil-Trek.  “That’s when we decided we had to make a change and go to an ERP.”


Top Needs:

  • Employee management and reports
  • Fast and accurate inventory control
  • Easy-to-monitor project management

The Solution

“With the implementation of the Genius, we’re able to see things in-process and we’re able to keep histories of job profitability,” said Hodges. “We know much more now than we ever did.”

Fil-Trek and Genius worked closely during the implementation process, with implementers on hand for any questions Fil-Trek had. “They had quite the knowledge of our company and spent time with each of our departments in order to understand our struggles,” explained Tim Salihu, engineering supervisor.

As Hodges specified, Fil-Trek gained greater control over operations thanks to Genius ERP. They developed an improved process for information sharing from the engineering department, as well as a more effective control over timesheets.

“We’re able to identify jobs before they’ve shipped or before they’ve completed fabrication, and we can find issues in-process when there is still time for us to correct them,” Hodges concluded.

Faustini has instilled his honest and sincere family values within Fil-Trek, and hopes Genius ERP can one day help his son – who currently works at the company – gain greater knowledge and help Fil-Trek continue to grow.


Most Popular Features Used

  • Inventory Control
  • Estimating
  • Accounting
  • Project Management

Features of Interest

Full Description

Rest API

Connect 3rd-party applications, websites and custom programs to share real-time information with dealers and customers.

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Product Engineering

Take CAD designs, transform them into BOMs and RFQs, save engineering time and reduce data entry and production errors.

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With just one system, connect finances, production, and all payment info to a specific job for easy tracking.

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