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How to choose the right ERP for your business

Date: Thursday, August 30 2018
Time: 1:30pm - 2:30pm ET

Genius ERP helps manufacturers align every part of their business, from the top floor to the shop floor. Sign up for our tailored webinars to see how you need to choose the right ERP for your business.

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ERP Selection

Choosing an ERP is a crucial decision for any manufacturer. Besides being a major investment the ERP you choose will impact every aspect of your team's day-to-day work as well as your company's long-term growth potential and viability. The right ERP system is capable of improving every aspect of your business, making your company leaner, more productive, more accurate, and more informed to make better decisions — ultimately helping you grow and become more profitable.

Many manufacturers don't know where to begin, and unfortunately it is a decision that far too many manufacturers get wrong, causing costly delays, or all to often, a failure to implement an ERP system at all.

The good new is, like a lot of business decisions, there's a relatively straight forward process you can follow to ensure you find the perfect ERP solution for your business. This free webinar hosted by Genius Solutions, will take you through the five steps every business should take when selecting an ERP. You'll learn tips to help you choose the right ERP for your shop, and the most common mistakes to avoid, to set your business up for success.

In this webinar, Jean will take you through:

  • How to evaluate your company's needs to set your requirements and find the best ERP system for you
  • Who to include on your selection team and how to ensure the right voices are contributing to the decision
  • How to make the final selection, and be confident you have made the right choice
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Jean Magny - Genius ERP Solutions CEO

Jean Magny

CEO, Genius Solutions

With over 20 years of experience working in industrial engineering with a focus on operational best practices, Jean has in-depth knowledge when it comes to the challenges faced by fast-growing companies and their implementation of new processes with limited resources.

He has a degree in mechanical engineering and completed the entrepreneurship development program at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and has served as both a technical advisor and a project manager for ERP implementations in small to medium-size manufacturers across North America.

Production Webinar

Who is this session for: Production Managers, Plant Managers, CEO, GM

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Purchasing Webinar

Who is this session for: Purchasers, Purchasing Manager, Inventory Manager

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